[2022 Guide] How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC

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It’s really highly necessary to fully
backup your iPhone device to computer
just a particular instance worst should transpire and then it crashes. Storing backup and recovery files, though, might occupy up too much room on your PC. Once you had also backed up over another gadget and perhaps even collected your iOS backup copies, you might also have numerous backups onto your PC.

For this kind of instances once you most want to delete information on the gadget to create room for some other, knowing

how to delete iPhone backup on PC

, and therefore what to do with iCloud backup, is advantageous.

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How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC

Part #1: Free Tool to Backup & Restore iPhone without Deleting All iPhone Data – FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
Part #2: Ways on How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC
Part #3: Conclusion

Part #1: Free Tool to Backup & Restore iPhone without Deleting All iPhone Data – FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

Whenever you locate your iPhone backup’s system files, you might discover that you are unable to retrieve them after knowing how to delete iPhone backup on PC.
FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
may be used to see your iPhone backup’s absolutely free as well as optionally restored iPhone backup into your devices.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner allows users to securely as well as rapidly backup everything from iOS devices such as images, conversations, phone records, programs, and many more. Following something which, the files may be readily recovered towards the iOS devices. And also has the ability to transmit files throughout iOS machines. All of this allows you to move your iPhone files to that other apple device in only a few moments.

Here’s a step by step on how you could do it, follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, you must examine the unwanted files stored on your iPhone, locate on “

    Cleanup Files

    ” tab as well as select on “


    ” button. When scanning unwanted files from your iPhone device, tap on “

    drop-down arrow

    ” icon beside that you should then click on “

    Free up Space

    ” tab as well as select on “

    Cleanup Files

    ” option. Keep in mind that one such tool provides two choices for managing your iPhone files Backup & Compress or otherwise Export & Delete.
  2. And after that, whether you wish to free space for storage without eliminating your files, touch on “

    Backup & Compress

    ” option.
  3. After that, choose the files you would really like to save as well as select on “


    ” option. You may always choose the “

    Backup original files

    ” option to backup files onto your PC without losing any quality.
  4. Whenever you wish to save or perhaps just erase files from your iPhone, select on “

    Export & Delete

    ” option. And from there, whenever you desired, choose files as well as tap on “


    ” option to save them to your computer. Again so, to remove the files, choose on “


    ” option and would then press the “


    ” button upon that pop-up message.

Remember: You may identify files to eliminate by using the timeframe on the right-hand pane by simply tapping on the “

drop-down arrow

” symbol.

How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC Using FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

Part #2: Ways on How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC

It seems there are straightforward ways how to delete iPhone backup on PC. Manually deleting iPhone backups using PC is concise. You’ll learn how to delete previous iPhone backups via Mac as well as PC in the sections below.

How to Delete iPhone Backup Using PC

To analyze as well as delete previous iPhone backups through iCloud using Windows, you should be using
for most Windows software. But unless you do not even have to use it, get anything through the Windows Store or just directly Apple Store, activate it, and then log in along your Apple ID already when you proceed. Follow the steps below to know how to delete iPhone backup on PC:

  1. To begin, you must first launch the iCloud Settings by selecting on iCloud symbol within your PC’s computer table.
  2. Afterward, besides that iCloud storing indication, you click on the ”


    ” button.
  3. And after that, mostly on the sidebar, you must select on “


    ” option.
  4. Whereupon, you should choose the “

    backup apple iPhone

    ” with which you wish to remove.
  5. After this, you must click on “


    ” option.
  6. Lastly, choose on the option “


    ” once more to fully delete that backup. And you are done.

How to Delete iPhone Backup Using PC

How to Delete iPhone Backup Using Mac

Whenever you don’t really possess access to something like an iOS machine, you may see as well as erase previous iPhone but also iPad backups using Mac’s iCloud data storage panel. Below are the steps on how to delete iPhone backup on PC:

  1. To get started you must first click and open up the

    System Preferences

    or the


    from the Apple menu that appears.
  2. Whenever your Mac is running
    macOS Mojave
    or otherwise newer, choose “


    ” elsewhere and forgo the following step.
  3. Whereupon, you must choose on “


    ” sidebar.
  4. And after that, besides the iCloud Storage indication, you must click on the ”


    ” option.
  5. Thereafter, upon that sidebar you could see on the screen, you choose on option ”


  6. Finally, you should now choose which backup you wish to remove and after which you may differentiate backups per device’s name as well as the date. Afterward, you should now click on the option ”



How to Delete iPhone Backup Using Mac

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Part #3: Conclusion

It would be beneficial to understand how to delete iPhone backup on PC so that you may delete them anytime whenever you most demand greater available space within your iPhone account. Indeed this article ahead demonstrates how to do the process on both Windows as well as Mac platforms.

Also, after deleting such huge chunks of files from your iPhone device you must well then
backup your iPhone devices
and restore those files whenever you do need it. By using the FoneDog iPhone cleaner, it will be hassle-free since it was indeed easy and convenient to use. We do recommend this tool for cleaning up leftovers. We wish this is useful to you.

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