2022 Guide: How to Delete Twitter Account On iPhone Easily

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Twitter has always been a fun way to communicate with your friends, discover hilarious memes, as well as implement professionals for flash news and information, among other things. Furthermore, due to various online charges as well as nasty Twitter posts, the microblogging platform may become somewhat poisonous at points of time.

Fortunately, here is an easy guide on

how to delete Twitter account on iPhone

. If you do decide to consider taking a short time to relax from Twitter and perhaps even completely quit the social media platform, here is a very fast primer here about how to say farewell to the Twitter website.

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Part #1: One Click Away: Best Tool for Deleting Twitter Account on iPhone – FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
Part #2: How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone
Part #3: Conclusion

Part #1: One Click Away: Best Tool for Deleting Twitter Account on iPhone – FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

Just before you delete your Twitter account on iPhone, you might well undoubtedly leave behind leftovers and unnecessary files. It’s indeed essential because if you perform this activity, you
clean down all of the caches on your iPhone
and data to clear up your system capacity, therefore FoneDog iPhone Cleaner would be the ideal program to utilize in this aspect.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
had been a basic and simplest program. This cleanup tool easily removes temporary files, security logs, and system trash files, including plugins such as Twitter Cookie, thumbnails view, picture stream, fallback folder, unwanted images, and large files. It will really
free up additional space off your iPhone

Below are the steps you could follow on

how to delete Twitter account on iPhone:

  1. Check on the trash data from your iPhone, then select the option “

    Erase Junk Files

    ” and press on “


    ” button too.
  2. Press on the “

    drop-down arrow

    ” icon that was located beside the “

    Free-Up Space

    ” option, and select “

    Erase Junk Files

    ” to begin detecting the leftover files from your iPhone.
  3. Select all the trashes including Picture cache, Twitter cache, duplicate data, system logs, and even the other trash. Lastly, choose on “


    ” tab to start deleting the contents you’ve chosen on your iPhone.

Erase Junk Files from Twitter on iPhone by FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

Part #2: How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone

When you’re able to bid farewell to the social network site, you may deactivate your profile using the Twitter webpage or iPhone as well as the Android mobile app. You could also save your identity or password account for future use when creating a new profile. Continue reading below to know how to delete Twitter account on iPhone.

How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone

  1. Launch on
  2. Press on the symbol that has 3 horizontal lines and was located from the very top-left part of the display, then press on the option ”

    Settings and privacy

  3. Press on the option “


  4. Press on the option ”

    Deactivate your account

  5. Proceed to the ”

    Reactivation period

    ” option, then press on the option ”

    Make a selection

    ” as well as


    whether you wanted 12 months or perhaps 30 days that will appear on the pop-up window.
  6. Press on the option ”


    ” that is at the bottom of the page.
  7. Tap on the option “


    ” as well as input your

    Twitter password

  8. Thereafter, a pop-up window would urge you to complete the deactivation of your Twitter account. Select ”

    Yes, deactivate

    ” and then you will be sent to the Twitter log-in page.

Deactivate Your Twitter Account on iPhone

How to Erase Twitter Application

Sometimes when you don’t want to delete Twitter account on iPhone and yet still prefer to take a short hiatus again from the social media platform, you may uninstall the Twitter application from your devices instead of your whole account.

On such an


, you must press on the stick down upon that Twitter application icon as well as choose the option ”


,” or otherwise choose the “

drag and drop

” option which will put it into your Twitter application launcher to conceal it.

On such an


, you must press your hand down upon that Twitter application icon as well as touch on the option ”

Remove App

“, then you should choose the ”

Delete App

” option to proceed to “Delete” or perhaps choose the option ”

Remove from Home Screen

” to transfer the Twitter application into “

App Library


Remove Twitter on iPhone

Reactivating the Twitter Account

  1. Launch on a desktop browser or perhaps the Twitter mobile application.
  2. Access on that deactivated account.
  3. Twitter would prompt you to verify that you really would like to reactivate.
  4. Your Twitter account will then be recovered, in which it may take a couple of days for the whole of your Twitter posts and conversations to return.

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Part #3: Conclusion

It must have been essential to understand

how to delete Twitter account on iPhone

. You may still delete it easily as well as in the usual method using the recommendations we’ve supplied. Even though canceling your Twitter account is straightforward, it is just not your only choice.

You have the option to delete or deactivate your Twitter account. However, keep in mind that after you delete Twitter, useless cache data will stay on your gadget, therefore it is imperative that should you clean it. With just the FoneDog iPhone cleaner, you can clear out leftover and useless cache information with a single click.

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