2023 GUIDE: How to Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone?

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Backing up your data from WhatsApp is possible. Actually, WhatsApp creates a backup file of your data every single day on your local drive. But, it is still possible to back up to Google Drive or iCloud if you wish. Many people ask

how to back up WhatsApp media on iPhone

devices. It’s actually simple! You just use iCloud for that!

Here, we will discuss how to
back up WhatsApp files
on iPhone devices. We will give you the actual steps you need to follow to back up WhatsApp chat history with the media contained within the backup file.

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Part #1: How to Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone
Part #2: The Best Way on How to Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone
Part #3: To Sum It All Up

Part #1: How to Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone

On iPhone devices, you can back up data from
using the
platform. But before you do that, you have to be reminded of the following:

  • The history of your chats or conversations isn’t put into storage within the servers of WhatsApp.
  • The media files and the chat messages you actually back up will not be protected by the end-to-end backup encryption of WhatsApp.
  • Messages that have been deleted cannot be retrieved by WhatsApp for you.

It is possible to manually create a backup of your WhatsApp data at any point in time. Here are the steps on how to back up WhatsApp media on iPhone to the iCloud storage platform:

  1. Visit the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the WhatsApp Settings section of the app.
  3. After that, press Chats and press

    Chat Backup

  4. Once done, click the option to

    Back Up Now

  5. Wait until the backup process is complete.

Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone

It is possible to activate the backing up of your WhatsApp data automatically. You can do this by pressing the Auto backup button and selecting the frequency when you want the backups to be made. Of course, you should not set the frequency to Never or automatic backups won’t happen.

Automatic backups of your WhatsApp data are saved to your iCloud account. It is possible to include or exclude the videos or other types of media content from the backup creation. As such, because you want to include WhatsApp media, you must enable the inclusion of videos, photos, and other content within the backup file.

The backup process to your iCloud account will definitely take some time. This will usually depend on the speed of your Internet connection, your mobile device specifications, and the size of the backup file you’re creating.

The requirements for implementing automatic WhatsApp data backups include the following:

  • You must be logged into the Apple ID that has the iCloud account you want to create a backup in.
  • iCloud Drive must be activated within your device.
  • Your device must have

    iOS version 12


    later versions

  • The iPhone must have ample space within it for backup. In addition, the iCloud Drive must have enough space within it to create the backup file. The space available within your iPhone and your iCloud Drive must be more than


    the size of the backup file you’re creating.
  • You must have a stable and speedy Internet connection. We recommend that you use a

    Wi-Fi network

    instead of a mobile network service provider in order to avoid data charges.

Part #2: The Best Way on How to Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone

You can also learn how to back up WhatsApp media on iPhone using a tool called
FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer
. This tool enables you to manage your WhatsApp data by backing it up, restoring it from a backup file, and transferring it from one iOS device to another.

Free Download
Free Download

Direct WhatsApp message transmission from iOS to iOS is possible with the
top WhatsApp Transfer toolkit
. You may recover your iPhone or iPad’s WhatsApp data from a computer backup. supports every iPhone model and every iOS version.

Some of its features and benefits include the following:

  • Transferring WhatsApp data from one iPhone or iPad to another includes images, videos, and audio files.
  • With just one click, you can create a backup of all your WhatsApp data on your computer and prevent future data loss.
  • Easy access to your previous backup allows you to easily restore deleted or lost WhatsApp messages to your iPhone or iPad.

FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer is suggested when you wish to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new iPhone or iPad. From one iOS device to another, you may transfer WhatsApp messages, images, videos, and music files. Simply plug in the two devices to the computer, then click to begin the transfer.

Here are the steps you need to follow to back up your WhatsApp data to the computer:

  1. Download And Install The Tool

    . Download the installer of the tool from FoneDog.com and choose whether you need one for macOS computers or Windows PCs. After that, use the installer to install the tool on your computer.

  2. Launch Tool And Select Backup

    . Open the tool on your computer. After that, click the Backup option from the three selections that appear.

  3. Connect iPhone And Trust Computer

    . Connect the iPhone with the WhatsApp data using a USB or lightning cable. After that, trust the computer on your iPhone. You must place your passcode if necessary.

  4. Select Directory

    . Select a folder within your computer where the backup file will be saved.

  5. Click Start Backup

    . Click the button for Start Back Up in order to start backing up your WhatsApp data. Wait until the backup process is complete before you eject the iPhone from the computer.

Back Up WhatsApp Media on iPhone Using FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer

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Part #3: To Sum It All Up

This guide has taught you how to back up WhatsApp media on iPhone devices. We gave you the steps on how to do it with the WhatsApp application. To do it, you have to save the WhatsApp data to iCloud.

The best way to back up your WhatsApp data from iPhone devices is through FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer. You can use it in order to back up, restore, and transfer data from one iOS device to another. You can grab the tool today because it’s very powerful, easy to install, and easy to use. It is available on both macOS computers and Windows PCs.

Grab FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer today to get the best bang for your buck!

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