3 Proven Methods on How To Get Zedge Ringtones On iPhone 6

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As a big hit app of ringtones and wallpaper, Zedge offers a plethora of ringtones and wallpapers that you can personalize on your Smartphones, it is very popular with both iOS and Android users. However, it can be a little challenging to use it on an iPhone.

iOS users can’t seem to get their hands on these because Zedge discontinued its service on iOS devices. You will have to
transfer that music file to your iPhone
. Anyway, if you are looking for ways on

how to get Zedge ringtones on

iPhone 6

, then find out in this article!

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Part 1. How to Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6 With iTunes
Part 2. How to Download and Set Zedge Ringtone on iPhone 6 via the Garageband
Part 3. How to Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6 Without iTunes
Part 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6 With iTunes

What makes Apple interesting is the challenges it offers to basic features such as adding a ringtone. If you have been an Apple subscriber since day one, you probably understand what many iOS users feel, why is it so difficult to add a customized ringtone on iPhone, or is it really possible to add one?

Well, it is possible. After the
iTunes 12.7
update, you can now access your ringtones on a computer in these directories: on a Windows, open

C:\Users\name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Tones\

or you can open it on a Mac at

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Tones/


Now here comes the newly-developed apps that cater to ringtones and other music files. Among the many popular apps,
stands out because of its wide listings of ringtones, HD wallpapers, backgrounds, icons, and games.

Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6 With iTunes

The process of adding customized ringtones is easier in other operating systems but still not quite for iOS. After Zedge stopped its iOS direct download, it is no longer possible to get new ringtones on iPhone 6, unless you buy them from iTunes or create them using the Garageband app.

Here’s how to get Zedge ringtones on your iPhone 6 on your Windows or Mac computer:

  1. Open the Zedge website on your Windows or Mac computer, find your desired ringtone then click the Play button
  2. Click the Download button on the right. If the tone/s you downloaded are in MP3 format, convert them to M4R.
  3. Launch Finder on your Mac or open iTunes on your Windows then connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac
  4. Find your iPhone in the device list and click it. Copy and paste or drag and drop the M4R files then disconnect your device.

After adding the ringtones from your computer. you can now set the ringtones on your iPhone and groove to it anytime someone calls you.

Part 2. How to Download and Set Zedge Ringtone on iPhone 6 via the Garageband

Apart from downloading the ringtones from your computer, you can also make use of another music app called
. This is another third-party app that can help you get Zedge ringtones on your iPhone 6.

If you are wondering why you need Garageband, this is because Garageband is an audio workstation developed by Apple as part of the iLife Suite for macOS and iDVD. Currently, this app is a sure-fire for those who want to create music or podcasts.

Use GarageBand to Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6

Today’s modern music has some fine prints of Garageband because this app is one of the undeniably ideal music makers. And it is free.

The process is more tedious than the usual click and download, however, you can do all these through your iPhone. Here are the steps to download and set Zedge Ringtone on iPhone 6 via the Garageband:

  1. Download the Zedge and Garageband apps from the AppStore. Select your desired tone on the Zedge. You cannot directly download the tones from this app so you need the help of Garageband to do this. Open Garageband and choose the default Keyboard mode.
  2. Find and tap the lines button from the top left corner, then open the Loop icon from the top right and select Files and tap ‘Browse items from the Files app’, find Browse and then choose ‘On My iPhone’
  3. Tap the Zedge folder then navigate to your desired ringtone, touch and hold on to the ringtone to drag it into the Tracks view, and drop the tone on your timeline.
  4. Choose the arrow-down from the top left corner in the Tracks view. Find and tap My Songs from the drop-down list, then tap Select in the far right corner. Hit the newly created ‘My Song’ and choose the Share icon
  5. Select Ringtone, rename the file, and tap Export, tap Use Ringtone as… in the final pop-up dialogue box

That’s it! You have just created a Zedge ringtone via the Garageband app. The process is long, challenging, and time-consuming but if you really desire to use the song as your ringtone, then there is nothing that can stop you.

Part 3. How to Get Zedge Ringtones on iPhone 6 Without iTunes

If you don’t want to use the Garageband app in getting Zedge ringtones for your iPhone 6, then you can look for other alternatives.

There is another method on

how to get Zedge ringtones on


iPhone 6

and this time, the steps are as friendly as a bee. You can use
FoneDog Phone Transfer
to move files between your PC and iPhone, even without iTunes.

FoneDog Phone Transfer allows you to transfer any files from different devices and operating systems. It provides a seamless way to move important data in just a few clicks and even selectively.

Apart from transferring files between devices, this professional software also provides other essential tools such as a Ringtone Maker. It is packed with basic tools you need to create a resounding tone. Here are the steps:

Use Software to Transfer Zedge Ringtones to iPhone 6

  1. Download and install FoneDog Phone Transfer on your computer. Just follow the onscreen instructions to successfully install the software.
  2. Connect your iPhone via USB cable and wait for the program to detect your device, then click tools from the left side menu, find and select Ringtone Maker.
  3. Choose whether to add files from the Device or Add files from the PC. At this point, you can go to the ringtones you have downloaded from Zedge.
  4. Select your desired track, then edit the tone using the timeline tools, click either Save to PC or Save to Device.

You finally have a custom ringtone on your iPhone with the help of FoneDog Phone Transfer.

Part 4. Summary

You have just learned 3 proven methods on

how to get Zedge ringtones on iPhone 6

. Unlike Android, adding or making a custom ringtone in iOS is always challenging. All media and sound files across iOS devices need iTunes or must be from iTunes.

Apart from that, files should also be in a compatible format such as the AAC version. This means you need to convert the tones you have downloaded from Zedge to this file format in order for you to use it on the iPhone.

Free Download

And that’s what we showed you in this article, you can get your Zedge ringtones through iTunes or Finder from your Windows or Mac computer. You can also take advantage of the Garageband app so you can get the ringtones from your iPhone itself and without the computer. Lastly, the most comfortable method is to use
FoneDog Phone Transfer
. It has a complete toolkit and features that you can make use of like the Ringtone Maker feature.

Have you gotten your Zedge ringtone already? How did you transfer it to your iPhone6?

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