3 Unbeatable Ways to Transfer Messages to New iPhone [2023]

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“I just got my iPhone 14 and I’m wondering how to transfer my messages to this new iPhone

? I badly need to move them ASAP. Thanks”

The recent launch of the iPhone 14 series brought a lot of users into our community asking for help on various data migration issues. One of the most common concerns we receive is

how to transfer messages to

new iPhone


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Today, we will walk you through 3 different methods on how you can move your messages from the old iPhone to the new one. Find out what method works best for your new iPhone!
Part 1. How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone Without Computer
Part 2. Use iCloud Backup to Transfer Messages to the New iPhone
Part 3. How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone Without iCloud or iTunes
Part 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone Without Computer

Mobile phones seem to upgrade faster and faster every year, the frequency that we getting a new phone is much higher than last decades. While changing to a new phone
backup your old messages to your computer
seem to be a good choice.

However some might think it is too much trouble doing that, so this part of the article will show you how to transfer messages to your new iPhone without a computer.

Many people nowadays prefer wireless transactions and activities. This saves them time, effort, and tools. Going wireless is in fact, the future. Just like your
iPhone 14
with its excellent wireless features. This new iPhone boasts of its Apple-designed U1 chip which improves directional AirDrop location.

Now, this is where you can take advantage of your Airdrop. You can practically

transfer messages to new iPhone

using Airdrop.

The U1 chip
facilitates Ultra-Wideband technology for wider spatial coverage. The Ultra-Wideband technology is a “GPS-like locator at the scale of the living room” as mentioned by Apple.

To Airdrop your messages from the old iPhone to the latest, follow this guide:

Transfering Message to New iPhone without iCloud

  1. Turn on Airdrop on both iPhones. Don’t forget to turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. You can swipe up to access the

    Control Center

    in order to switch on these features. You can also go the long way by heading to


    , then select


    , tap


    . Choose the Receiving Audience to


    for this transfer process to go through
  2. Open your


    on the old iPhone
  3. Tap the


    icon and select

  4. Accept the transfer on your new iPhone. Make sure that both devices are nearby to ensure a stable connection
  5. Repeat the process to all the messages that you need to transfer

Airdrop is great to use if you have a handful of messages only. If you need to transfer a bunch of messages or all messages to your iPhone, then you can try to use

Phone Transfer

. It helps transfer multiple messages at once within minutes. It’s easy to use.

Click the button here to have a try:

Free Download

Part 2. Use iCloud Backup to Transfer Messages to the New iPhone

When thinking about

how to transfer messages to new iPhone

, the first thing that might pop up in your head would be iCloud.

iOS 11.4 and later offers a new feature included in the iCloud Backup, and that is to sync the messages. All you need to do is to turn on the Sync Message and the iCloud Backup, for you to transfer them to the new iPhone.

Simply go to your


, scroll down to Messages, and toggle on Sync Messages. Lastly, tap Sync Now.

To set up your iCloud Backup, follow these:

  1. Head over to Settings
  2. Select iCloud
  3. Toggle on Messages and other important data you wish to include in the backup
  4. Tap Backup
  5. Choose iCloud Backup

Sync Messages to iCloud on iPhone

This method is great if you haven’t set up the new iPhone. You can just select the Restore from iCloud Backup and then choose the most recent iCloud backup. Note that if you already completed the setup and wanted to use iCloud, you need to reset your new iPhone to use this process.

Go to


, then tap General, select Reset, and tap Erase All Contents and Settings. iCloud Backup. You have two concerns when using iCloud backup on how to transfer messages to your new iPhone, one is the possible data loss if you have initially set up your device and wanted to use this method.

Next is the selective restore alternative, which is not available in iCloud Backup. If you experiencing some tricky problems using iCloud backup to transfer messages to your new iPhone, read on to find the best solution.

Part 3. How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone Without iCloud or iTunes

The most common concern of users during data migration is that they haven’t taken backups. Backups are necessary and are extremely helpful during this situation and even during data loss. You can simply restore from the backup in order to retrieve the needed file/s.

Fortunately, there are third-party tools that support various data transfer options, and one of the well-loved programs is
FoneDog Phone Transfer

Using a dedicated tool for data transfer can eliminate the fear of data loss and even lets you choose files selectively. And the best part – you can use this software even without iCloud or iTunes.

To learn more on how to use this software, check this out:

  1. Download FoneDog Phone Transfer on the computer
  2. Connect both the old and the new iPhone
  3. Select


    from the source phone
  4. Choose the messages you want to transfer. You can select all of the messages or simply tick on the boxes of the desired items
  5. Find and click


    to at the top menu
  6. Click Export to your device to initiate the transfer between the two iPhones

How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone Using FoneDog Phone Transfer

FoneDog Phone Transfer

is able to move a lot more files aside from your messages. You can also
transfer your photos
, music, videos, and contacts. It even comes with a free ringtone maker to boost your mood!

After you have successfully transferred your messages to the new iPhone, you can complete the setup and start exploring!

Part 4. Summary

Understanding your options on

how to transfer messages to new iPhone

is essential. This gives you a wider perspective on what method should work and what would the possible outcomes be.

Airdrop is great to use when you want to transfer just a few of your messages. You can just enable this feature on both iPhones and start dropping messages. However, if you need more messages to transfer, using an iCloud backup is a good choice.

But you should remember that you can only use the iCloud Backup method when you haven’t started the setup on the new iPhone. Otherwise, you need to reset the entire phone to restore the backup. We don’t recommend this since it might cause severe data loss.

The last but the most efficient method is to use an alternative.
FoneDog Phone Transfer
gives you an array of choices when it comes to the types of files you can transfer, a wider list of supported devices, and of course, a selective transfer option.

This software does not only support iOS, you can use this to transfer files between iOS and Android and vice versa. Have you transferred your messages to the new iPhone already? What method did you use?

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