3 Ways to Solve How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen [2022 Updated]

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Once you accidentally damaged the display on your iPhone but you are unable to see the settings, you always had
iPhone data-erasing tools
for wiping data off your iPhone.

Countless users who did not completely erase their badly damaged iPhone screen soon had security and privacy issues which included illegal invasion, disclosure, the transmission of private or public data, data theft, and unpermitted use of private details such as credit/debit account numbers, birth dates, and so on. Most of the aforementioned issues are avoidable, and also the preventive action would be to know

how to erase iPhone with broken screen

. Check more information below.

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How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen

Part #1: FoneDog iPhone Cleaner: Handy Tool on Erasing iPhone Factory Data with Broken Screen
Part #2: Fix It: How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen
Part #3: Conclusion

Part #1: FoneDog iPhone Cleaner: Handy Tool on Erasing iPhone Factory Data with Broken Screen

Whenever you decide to erase an iPhone from a damaged screen, it might be because you wouldn’t want all of your business or confidential information upon that device before disposing of that or bringing it over to a professional for repair. How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen? Using the
FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
, you can erase as well as backup your private data inside your iPhone’s broken screen.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner was indeed the finest option. This allows you to delete your entire information on iOS devices with a single click. You are not required to choose what to delete. Rather than a time-consuming procedure, this cleans away all data, even critical data, intelligently as well as swiftly, with hardly any possibility of retrieval.

Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you
securely erase iPhone
factory data:

  1. You must first download it from the main website, after obtaining it you must now install it into the device you will be used to erase all data from your iPhone. Afterward, you must now launch the software.
  2. From the left side of the display, you must now select “

    Erase All Data

    ” option. There have been multiple security levels available: low, moderate, as well as high. Whereupon, you must choose a level and after which, press on “


    ” option to erase everything from your iPhone.
  3. From that, ensure that there are no applications running and perhaps even upgrading. After that you must type “


    ” to authorize the erasing procedure, and afterward press on Erase option to erase all contents from your iPhone. Whenever you still possess important information off your iPhone, obtain a copy prior to actually erasing everything.

How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen Using FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

Part #2: Fix It: How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen

When a broken screen precludes you from opening your iPhone’s Settings application, though unless the iPhone powers on, you might well wipe data from that as well. Secure the privacy as well as security of your broken iPhone considering recovering it along with iTunes and otherwise manually wiping it through

So, iCloud solely functions unless you already enabled Find My iPhone upon your iPhone. Through iTunes, you may indeed build backups in order to swiftly recover the relevant information whenever your iPhone was already repaired or replaced.

It can be very hard to completely erase an iPhone with such a damaged screen, however, there may very few solutions that could factory erase an iPhone having a broken display. So below are a few solutions on how to erase iPhone with broken screen.

Erase iPhone Factory Data with Broken Screen Using iCloud

Completely erasing an iPhone using iCloud’s Find My iPhone option will generally be a useful approach to avoid security breaches, particularly for lost or damaged iPhones. One such method also was appropriate for wiping broken iPhone displays.

Nevertheless, in order to get it to function, you must have activated the Find My iPhone iCloud service on your iPhone just before the display was broken.

As a result, once Find My iPhone has been activated, you could factory erase your iPhone, here are the steps to solve how to erase iPhone with broken screen using iCloud:

  1. First and foremost, you must connect your iPhone to a plug socket of any device you are using and then turn it on. After which, go over to the iCloud homepage.
  2. Upon that, you must now sign in using your password as well as the Apple ID and which comes from your iPhone device.
  3. Now you must select the ”

    Find My iPhone

    ” option.
  4. From that, you should now look and pick your iPhone within the device list which is display,ed and continue on by selecting the option ”

    All Devices

    ” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Lastly, select the tab ”

    Erase iPhone

    ” from the menu. After that choose on ”


    ” option once again verify your choice.

How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen Using iCloud

Erase iPhone Factory Data with Broken Screen Using iTunes

Whenever you decide to on using
which can be your backup plan for solving how to erase iPhone with broken screen, then you must do the following:

  1. The first thing to do was to plug in the iPhone onto your PC and then click on ”


    ” option within iTunes once it appears. Whenever you activated on “

    Show Sidebar

    ” button underneath that View panel, you must look and choose your iPhone within the Devices portion on the sidebar.
  2. After that, to delete everything in your files as well as settings, select on ”

    Restore iPhone

    ” option. Once you activated “

    Find My iPhone

    ”, then you won’t be capable of restoring your iPhone using iTunes because iTunes needs you to deactivate “

    Find My iPhone

    ” prior to actually proceeding with the process of restoration.
  3. To finalize the restoration procedure, tap on ”


    ” option. After you receive you’re rebuilt or fixed iPhone, use the option ”

    Restore Backup

    ” to recover all the backups onto your iPhone.

How to Erase iPhone with Broken Screen Using iTunes

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Part #3: Conclusion

Now that you have known how to erase iPhone with broken screen, keep in mind that it is important to always take care of your devices. Having a broken screen or maybe the entire phone will give solely stress. Whenever you have encountered this kind of problem make sure to have backups and completely erase all your information before proceeding to repair. Still, if you are not confident doing such steps, we recommend that you use of FoneDog iPhone Cleaner. It is indeed free, simple, and easy to use.

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