4 Effective Ways to Get Photos Off iPhone That Won’t Turn On

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Do you want to know how to get photos off iPhone that won’t turn on? Here we will teach you the top methods you can use to retrieve images.

We use our smartphones for a lot of things. iPhones are pretty popular for their amazing cameras and top-notch security features. Thus, you can use it to capture your precious moments in life. But what if your iPhone won’t open?

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There’s the question of

how to get photos off an iPhone that won’t turn on


When your iPhone can’t be opened, your contacts, images, videos, music files, and
messages can be lost
. As such, you may want to know how to get photos off your iPhone that won’t turn on.
Here, we will discuss how you can retrieve your images from your iPhone.

In this way, you don’t have to lose all those precious memories and moments. Plus, we will also help you use a tool that will be useful for the job.

Part 1. How to Get Photos Off iPhone that Won’t Turn on
Part 2. How to Retrieve Images from iPhones that Won’t Turn on Using Recovery Tool
Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Get Photos Off iPhone that Won’t Turn on

If you have created a backup file of your iPhone, it will be easy to recovery photos that are in it. That is, if you have created a backup. You can grab it from your
storage platform. Check out how to do it below.

Solution 01. Get Photos From iCloud Site

You can actually retrieve your images if you have activated iCloud and allowed it to back up your photos. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your computer and launch a browser.
  2. Visit the site iCloud.com.
  3. Within the homepage, click the option for Photos.
  4. Now, choose the specific photos and probably videos you want to get.
  5. Look at the top right part of the window. On that part, click the button for Download. It looks like a cloud with a down arrow in it.
  6. Choose the settings you want for the images. If you want the unmodified version, click Unmodified Original. Or, you can choose Most Compatible for edited,
    , or JPEG formats.
  7. After that, press Download again.

Using iCloud to Get Photos From iPhone That Won't Turn On

Actually, this is only possible if your photos are syncing on iCloud with the iPhone. However, if you have not enabled iCloud, that will be a problem. You have to go for other methods in order to implement how to get photos off iPhone that won’t turn on.

Solution 02. Go To Apple

Well, you can go to Apple in case you don’t have a backup of your photos. They can probably fix your phone in order to be able to retrieve some of the data. However, if your phone is going to be replaced, you’re sure of the fact that your images will be lost as well. That’s why you have to ask the technical support team about what they’ll do with your iPhone.

Solution 03. Third-Party iPhone Technicians

A lot of cellphone repair shops can be found in malls, commercial areas, and more. This is not a recommended way to get your images back. There are times that third-party iPhone technicians can get your phone fixed.

However, in most cases, they aren’t able to. Plus, there’s a risk of tampering with your warranty. As such, the best solution can be found in the next section below.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Images from iPhones that Won’t Turn on Using Recovery Tool

The best way to recover photos from an iPhone that won’t turn on is using a data recovery tool. When you use the recovery tool, it will extract your photos or other data directly from your iPhone to the computer. After that, you can choose photos and restore them to the PC.

Keep in mind that not all data recovery tools are the same. That’s why you have to choose the right one for your needs.

In this case, we will recommend that you use
FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
software. This is an app that is available on both Windows PCs and macOS computers.

You can use it to retrieve the photos of iOS devices that won’t turn on. That includes iPhone devices.

Apart from retrieving images, you can use it to recover videos, messages, contacts, and more. It can be used on iOS devices that are broken, damaged by water, have system errors, and more. If you have accidentally deleted the file, you can retrieve it with this tool too.

Since the best way is to use the data recovery tool, here are the steps on

how to get photos


1. Grab the Tool. First, download FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Software. Then, install it on your Windows PC or macOS computer. You can simply open the tool afterward.

Free Download
Free Download

Connecting to Third Party Software to Recover Photos from iPhone That Won't Turn On

2. Connect iPhone And Click the Correct Tool. Connect the damaged iPhone to your computer. Then, on the main interface of the recovery software, click

Recovery From iOS Device


3. Click the

Start Scan

button. Then, wait until the tool locates files from your iPhone.

4. Choose Images and Click


. Choose the specific images you wish to recover. Then, click Recover.

5. Choose Path. Choose the directory on your computer where the files will be saved. And then, click Recover again.

Selecting Photos to Recover From iPhone That Won't Turn On

You can also use FoneDog iOS Data Recovery to recover images from an iCloud backup file or an iTunes backup file. In this case, the tool will enable you to view the contents of these backup files. You can simply select the actual images you want to retrieve from the entire data within the backup files.

Part 3. Summary

This guide has given you the best tip on how to get photos off iPhone that won’t turn on. The first method we taught you was about getting photos through your iCloud backup. As such, this is only possible if you have enabled iCloud and iCloud Photos in your iPhone.

But, if you don’t have a backup file, you can use data recovery software. The top tool you can go for is FoneDog iOS Data Recovery. This tool allows you to get and retrieve files from broken iPhones. If you have mistakenly deleted files, you can easily recover data as well.

Free Download
Free Download

FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
can be used to grab specific files from iTunes and iCloud backup files. This makes it a useful tool for those who have broken devices, lost data, and other problems.

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