4 Methods on How to Add Ringtone to iTunes

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Normally, your iTunes is filled with ringtones and more and more of them are added as time goes by. However, that’s not always the case, you’ll have to do it yourself when the time comes. And this is especially true if you want to add custom ringtones.

Fortunately, there are different methods on

how to add ringtone to iTunes

, but it won’t be easy learning them. After all, there have been countless updates on iTunes that may deter its capability of adding ringtones freely. Either way, let’s proceed to our first option.

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Method #1: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes via Phone Transfer
Method #2: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes Using Computer
Method #3: How to Add Custom Ringtone to iTunes
Method #4: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes Using App
Final Words

Method #1: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes via Phone Transfer

To add a ringtone on iTunes, you will have to either download that ringtone and locate it using iTunes or transfer the ringtone from another source. Learning

how to add ringtone to iTunes

using specialized software involves the latter.

For this, we recommend
FoneDog Phone Transfer
. It is a software that allows you to transfer files from one place to another. This means that every ringtone you have on one of your device can be transferred to your iTunes easily. Here’s how you can use FoneDog Phone Transfer on

how to add ringtone to iTunes


Step 1: Download and Install Software

First off, download the setup file of FoneDog Phone Transfer. We suggest getting it from the official website to avoid any piracy issues and malware problems. Next, install the software.

Step 2: Connect Phone to Computer

Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the software, open it on your computer. Then, connect your mobile device to the desktop using a cable. The software will automatically detect your device and it will show some information about the device on the software’s interface, including its specifications.
Connect Phone to Computer

Step 3: Select Data Type

On the main interface, you will see that on the left side of the window are different data types. This includes Photos, Music, Videos, and more. Since we are dealing with ringtones, we will have to select


. This will then show you different directories to the right of the data types.
Select Data Type

Step 4: Transfer Files

Using the directories, navigate to where the ringtone that you want to add to iTunes is located. Once you select the right folder, you will see a list of items on the right side. To select an item, click on their corresponding boxes. Once the selection is done, click the

Export to PC

which should be found at the top of the software.
Transfer Files

Additional Step

Remember that there are additional features on
FoneDog Phone Transfer
. As luck would have it, there’s a feature for
making customized ringtones
. You can select this if you want to add custom ringtones while transferring the files. Of course, since it’s a free feature, the capability is limited so don’t expect too much.

Additional Step Make Customized Ringtones

With that said, you now know

how to add ringtone to iTunes

using a specialized software. Now how can you do it without relying on a third-party tool?

Method #2: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes Using Computer

If your goal is to learn

how to add ringtone to iTunes

and not custom ringtones, then it would be much simpler. All you need is your computer and the iTunes app of course. It is fairly simple, but you have to make sure you don’t get lost in these steps:

  1. Launch iTunes.

    On your computer, launch the iTunes app. This can be done by searching for “iTunes” then selecting the first option. You may also open it using the desktop icon. It’s up to you how you do it.

  2. Add the Ringtone.

    The second and last step involve the actual process on

    how to add ringtone to iTunes

    . It’s not as grand as using a special tool. All you have to do is click on the


    menu, followed by

    Add to Library

    … Once you click this, there will be a popup window for you to browse the ringtone. Simply navigate to where it is, then select that ringtone and it will be automatically added to iTunes.

With this, you are all set. All you have to do is to do this for every ringtone that you want to add on iTunes. This will usually work on most of the ringtones that you want to add, except if what you want are custom ringtones.

Method #3: How to Add Custom Ringtone to iTunes

If you want to learn

how to add ringtone to iTunes

, it would be very easy, but it would be a different story if it involves custom ringtones. For this, you will have to follow a different set of instructions. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Launch iTunes.

    First off, open your iTunes app. As previously said, you can open it in any way you want, as long as the end result is the same.

  2. Check iTunes Version.

    Next, ensure that iTunes is of the latest version. This is because there are features not available on previous versions, including the capability of adding custom ringtones. You can easily check the version by heading to the


    on the


    of the app, then head to

    Check for Updates

    . Sometimes, it’s not on the iTunes menu but on the


    menu. Either way, it should automatically update your iTunes.

  3. Select a Song.

    Most of the time, you’ll choose a song as your ringtone. Unfortunately, ringtones were made to last for only a few seconds. So first, you have to select the song that you want to use as a ringtone, and this is step #3.

  4. Configure Ringtone.

    Step #4 is where you’ll play the song and memorize where the ringtone would start and stop, and indicate those times when adding the ringtone. This is possible because iTunes has the ability to crop songs. You can do this by right-clicking on the song then selecting

    Song Info

    . Then on the window that will pop up, head to


    . There will be fields for




    . Enter the appropriate times. Remember that it is 30 seconds max. Finally, click on


    How to Add Custom Ringtone to iTunes

  5. Convert to AAC.

    Another thing you have to remember is that iTunes prefers to use ringtones that are in the AAC version. For that reason, you will have to convert the ringtone you created. To do this, select the ringtone. Then, on the


    menu, head to


    then select

    Create AAC


    from the resulting menu.

  6. Finalize Ringtone.

    Once you select

    Create AAC Version

    , it would take a while to convert it. After that, there will be two versions of the ringtone. All you have to do now is to delete the previous one so as to avoid confusing one from another. You can do this by right-clicking on the previous ringtone then selecting

    Delete from Library


That’s everything you need to know about learning

how to add ringtone to iTunes

using customized songs. Since we’re talking about custom ringtones, of course, the steps would be more complicated and difficult to do. Regardless, this should be enough to help you along your way. Now we head to our last entry.

Method #4: How to Add Ringtone to iTunes Using App

We mentioned before that
FoneDog Phone Transfer
has a Ringtone Maker feature. While it’s pretty rare for a transfer software to have such a feature, there are lots of tools out there that specialize in creating customized ringtones.

Surprisingly, most of them can be used for free by people on the internet. Some examples of ringtone maker apps are the following:

  • Ringtone Maker.

    This is basically just like with iTunes, except that it is simpler since it was made for the sole purpose of cutting songs and making them into ringtones.

  • Zedge.

    Zedge is a bit different from others. Instead of cutting songs from your library and making them into ringtones, Zedge has an archive of custom ringtones where you can choose from.

  • MP3 Cutter.

    This one is rather special even among the ones on this list. As the name suggests, it allows you to cut MP3 files and supports not only MP3 but other file extensions as well. It wasn’t made for ringtones specifically, but it can do it nevertheless.

  • Z Ringtones.

    Anotherapp similar to Zedge is Z Ringtones. Since they are similar, you can expect that the app is composed of a collection of ringtones that you can consider as custom ringtones.

  • Pi Music Player.

    This one is not mainly a ringtone maker app like MP3 Cutter, but it is still capable of doing what the other four can do. In addition, it can serve as an MP3 player as well for music lovers.

These are only the ones that we recommend. If you find that these five are not suited for you, you may also find ringtone maker apps yourself. However, we only advise you not to get apps from unauthorized sources since it may have malware. Regardless, this ends the four methods on

how to add ringtone to iTunes


Final Words

There are tons of ways for you to add aesthetics to your phone. One of those ways is to add a ringtone that you like. However, most of the time, the ringtone that you like will most likely be non-existent from your system.

For that reason, we need to know

how to add ringtone to iTunes

by using our own song of choice. Fortunately, you can do this in four methods, all of which we’ve discussed in this article. Hopefully, this helped you with what you aim to accomplish.

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