Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove iPhone Update

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Do you want to know

how to remove iPhone updates

? In this article, we’ll teach you how to do it. There might be a lot of reasons why you want to do so. For instance, the constant iPhone prompts to update your device can be annoying.

Fortunately, we’ll help you out with this nightmare. Below are various solutions you can go through in order to remove your iPhone update for good. Simply read our instructions and you don’t have to worry about it again. Let’s get started.

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Part 1: How to Remove iPhone Update Step by Step
Part 2: Guide on Reversing Your iPhone to A Previous Software Update
Part 3: How to Remove iPhone Update iOS 13 Beta
Part 4: To Wrap It All Up

Part 1: How to Remove iPhone Update Step by Step

Here is the guide on how to remove iPhone update step by step:

Step 01 – Go to the Settings application on your iPhone. Then, press General.

Step 02 – Press “Storage & iCloud Usage.”

Step 03 – Press “Manage Storage.”

Step 04 – You will be displayed a list of different software versions of the iOS. Check for the specific iOS version you want to delete. Tap on this version.

Step 05 – Press “Delete Update.” Now, a menu will be displayed.

Step 06 – Press “Delete Update” one more time.

Now, you will not receive the frustrating, time-consuming messages just to prompt you to update your software. But what if you want to update your iOS version at a later point in time? Here’s what you should do:

Step 01 – Open Settings.

Step 02 – Press General.

Step 03 – Now, press Software Update.

This will enable you to download the latest software within your iOS device. The software will automatically be installed as well. Usually, software updates are great for making sure you fix bugs within your iPhone. This is the first guide to helping you with

how to remove iPhone update

. Below is another guide to reverse your iPhone to a previous update.

Remove iPhone Update

Part 2: Guide on Reversing Your iPhone to A Previous Software Update

You’ve updated your precious iPhone to a new software update. But, you really don’t like it that much compared to the previous one. What you can do is to revert back to the old update. Below are the steps on how to do it:

Step 01 – Plug your iPhone to your computer.

Step 02 – Once the computer recognizes the iPhone, go to the folder labeled “iPhone Software Updates.” This can be found within Library > iTunes > iPhone Software Updates. Within Windows PCs, you should launch the Start menu. Then, type the following: %appdata%\Apple Computer\iTUnes\iPhone Software Updates

Step 03 – Turn your iPhone off. Do this by pressing the Power button for about a few seconds. Slide the feature that appears towards the right. This will turn off the iPhone. Make sure it is turned off for about five seconds.

Step 04 – Press two buttons at the same time and hold this press. These two buttons are “Home” and “Power.” Do this for about 10 seconds. Now, after 10 seconds, release your hold on the button for “Power.” Continue your hold on the “Home” button. Wait until Recovery Mode is open.

Step 05 – Launch iTunes within your computer. The said application will know that the iPhone connected is in Recovery Mode. It will now ask you to restore the connected iPhone.

Step 06 – Go to Devices and then press the iPhone. This is seen at the left-hand sidebar of iTunes. Press the “Shift” key and hold this press. While doing so, press the “Restore” button located at the window’s bottom-right section. This will enable you to choose the particular iOS file you wish to revert to.

Step 07 – Select the iOS software update you want to revert to. This can be seen in the folder labeled “iPhone Software Updates.” Usually, the extension for these software updates is.IPSW.

Step 08 – Wait until the installation process is complete. Usually, this will take 10 to 15 minutes. It will display a confirmation window when the process is done.

Step 09 – Click the button labeled “Eject” located to the right of the name of your iPhone. This is usually seen in the left column.

Now, that’s it. After you have learned

how to remove iPhone update

, you have learned how to revert back to the old version. But, how about a more specific iOS? We’re talking about the iOS 13 Beta. See the section below to learn more.

Remove iPhone Update iOS 13 Beta

Part 3: How to Remove iPhone Update iOS 13 Beta

The beta versions (pre-release) of iOS 13 have been made available for users. However, there are a lot of people who regret upgrading to the said iOS version. You might want to downgrade it to iOS 12. Let’s see how you should do it.

Risks Associated with Downgrading Your iOS Beta

There are risks of losing data when you downgrade from iOS 13 to that of iOS 12. That’s why it is recommended that you back your data up first before upgrading to a new software update.

To back up your data, you can use third-party backup tools. In this way, you are sure that your precious files don’t get lost. If you have files for work, school, or any other purpose, then you might want to back up your data before actually downgrading your iOS.

How to Revert Back from iOS 13 Beta to Previous iOS 12

The following steps are about how to revert back from iOS 13 beta to previous iOS 12:

Step 01 – Open Recovery Mode on your iPhone. Do this by pressing both Home and Power buttons simultaneously until your iPhone shuts down. After this, continue holding the button for Homemaking sure the Power button is released.

Step 02 – Wait until your iPhone says “Connect To iTunes,” When it prompts you to do so, make sure you plug your iPhone to that of the computer.

Step 03 – Click OK when iTunes has told you that it detects the iPhone in recovery mode. Press “Restore iPhone.”

Step 04 – Select “Restore And Update.’ Now, iTunes will download the iOS 12 version and this will be installed within your iPhone.

Part 4: To Wrap It All Up

This article has given you the solution for the problem on how to remove iPhone update. In addition, the steps above showed you how to revert from a newer update to a previous one. More specifically, we have the facts on how to downgrade from iOS 13 Beta to iOS 12.

Do you have any thoughts on these? Do you know

how to remove iPhone updates

easily through other methods? Do you have tools or software you use? Let us know by typing in your thoughts below. We’d love to learn more from your knowledge and experiences.

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