Easy Learning How to Delete All Contacts On iPhone 5S

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We all want security. We do not want other people to get into our personal lives. And contacts on our phone list are considered personal, here we will get to know

how to delete all contacts on iPhone 5S

, because whether we are buying a pre-owned phone or selling an old phone, our privacy and the people listed in our contacts really matter. Also, we grow through time, there are people that we no longer want to communicate with, and so the tendency is for you to delete the contacts so that you can easily access other people that you need presently.

As we all know there are ways that you can
transfer your contacts from iPhone to another one without iCloud
, however doing such a method also means that as you transfer from an old phone to the new one you also transfer contacts that you do not need as of the moment.

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And if you are thinking that there is no case to it as it is not a virus doing something on your device, it still takes too much space of your phone storage. This article will discuss several ways, and we will also share with you the best possible way how to do it. So, if you are interested, read until the very end of this post.

Part #1: How to Delete Contacts on Your iPhone?
Part #2: What Is the Best Way to Delete All Contacts on iPhone 5s
Part #3: To Summarize It All

Part #1: How to Delete Contacts on Your iPhone?

There are a lot of ways how to delete all contacts on iPhone 5S and any other phone. You can also have a choice between deleting individual contacts and deleting multiple contacts in one go or deleting all contacts all at once.

The Process on How to Delete Individual Contacts on iPhone

  1. On your phone, launch the “


    ” application, or select the green phone and then go to the “


    ” tab to see a list.
  2. Scroll until you see the name of the contact that you want to delete.
  3. Click “


    ” which is located in the top-right part of the interface.
  4. Then once you have tapped it, scroll down until you see “Delete Contact” which is in red font.
  5. Click “

    Delete Contact

    ” on the tabs that will pop up.

Delete Contact on iPhone 5S Manually

The Process on How You Can Delete Multiple Contacts on Your iPhone

to do this a phone isn’t enough, you must have a personal computer to proceed. You will also need an iCloud account to save the contacts beforehand.

  1. Using your computer, launch the web and open your
    account. There will also be a code that will be sent on your phone for verification.
  2. Then go to “


  3. You need to select all the contacts that you want to delete. If you are using a Mac, click


    and then hold it and then tap each of the contacts that you want to delete. While on a personal computer, long press “


    ” and then tap each of the contacts that you want to delete.
  4. Then once you have selected all the contacts that you want to delete, tap the gear-like icon which is located on the bottom left part of the interface, and then tap “


  5. Then a confirmation will be asked, once you are sure about what you have selected, tap “



The Process on How to Delete All the Contacts that You Have on Your iPhone

  1. You will need an iCloud account to be able to do this. Launch the “


    ” on your phone, and then click your name at the top part, this will open the menu of your Apple ID.
  2. Then you have to click “


  3. Then a page will open, then check if the tab next to “


    ” is open, in case it is turned on,

    turn it off

  4. Then a confirmation will pop up whether what it is that you do not want to do on your contacts, then you have to click “

    Delete from My Phone


Manually Delete Contacts on iPhone 5S By iCloud

Part #2: What Is the Best Way to Delete All Contacts on iPhone 5s

Now that we have an idea of how to delete all contacts on iPhone 5S, or to delete individual contacts, the next thing that we have to know and we will share with you is the best possible way to delete all the contacts. In cases that you have to delete some of your contacts since some of them are no longer useful, or you just want to
free the space capacity of your iPhone
, we have a tool that can help you. The tool that we are talking about is FoneDog iPhone Cleaner.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
is the best option that you have as the best cleaner of iOS to be able to delete all the files that are not that necessary. In case you also want to protect all your files if ever you want to sell your phone and delete all the files including all the contacts this iPhone cleaner will also help.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner can

clean up all the junk files


uninstall all the applications

that are not needed, you can also

compress and export all the photos

, as well as

delete all the large files

that you also want to delete. Here are some other facts that you must know about FoneDog iPhone Cleaner.

  • This iPhone Cleaner has a “Erase all” feature which you can use if you want to
    delete all the data
    on your phone. This will do the deletion permanently. You can be able to do this with one click. So, if you want to save so much of your time, this FoneDog iPhone Cleaner can erase all your files in one click with no chance of recovery.
  • If it has an “Erase all” option, you can also do this in some files that you have carefully selected; you can also do this on some of the
    selected files or applications
    that you have.
  • It also has a feature where you can
    back up
    , and
    restore files
    between the iOS devices that you have.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner is not just your ordinary iPhone Cleaner, there is a lot more than you can do using this cleaner. You can also manage your devices using this great application, which is why it is a must-try.

To able to know

how to delete all contacts on iPhone 5S

using this FoneDog iPhone Cleaner, we have listed all the procedures that you have to undergo. The initial part which is important is to determine the current storage of the device so that you can be able to evaluate how many you would need to delete if ever the space of the device is the issue.

Knowing the Storage of the Device

  1. Download FoneDog iPhone Cleaner on your computer. Input the registration code and electronic address that you will receive from registration.
  2. Connect the device to your computer via cable. You have to click “


    ” on the next window that will appear.
  3. Then you can be able to see the actual storage of the device, remaining space, and also total capacity. You can also view more information by tapping “

    More Info

  4. Then you have to tap “

    Quick Scan

    ” when you see it.

Scan the Contacts on iPhone 5S

Erasing All Your Private Data

1. The initial step is to look for “

Erase Private Data

”, and then you have to choose between “

One-click Erase

” and “

Custom Erase


Choose Erase Private Data

2. Then to be able to start the scanning of your device, click “

Custom Erase

”, then you will see all the private data or files. You can now choose which one to erase and to retain, and then tap “


”, or “



Custom Erase All Contacts on iPhone 5S

3. In case you choose the “

Once click Erase

” option, the scanning and deleting of the files will start.

Once-Click Erase All Contacts on iPhone 5S

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Part #3: To Summarize It All

There could be a lot of reasons why people choose to delete some of their contacts. Some may be related to the field that they are in or maybe they just want to do it for personal reasons. We have shared with you some of the ways

how to delete all contacts on iPhone 5S

, we hope that this will help you in the future.

Also, being able to impart what FoneDog iPhone Cleaner can do for you is also an honor, this iPhone cleaner is really a must-try. You will never go wrong with using this one. This tool is really one of the most trustworthy ones in the market, and you should try it to experience why.

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