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iPhone which is developed by Apple is a famous and world’s leading personal device that runs on an iOS system. It can be connected to iTunes, a software media player also developed by Apple where its users can stream and share music, connect to iCloud, and more than music, do a restore of the iPhone or any iOS device.

iTunes error 6

is the error that occurs when restoring or updating your iPhone device to iTunes. This error usually is caused by outdated versions of iTunes, anti-virus software, network, system settings and connection, and many more.

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If you ask what the iPhone error 6 is and how to resolve it, this article will guide you on how to do it with the multiple solutions of

how to fix iPhone Error 6


Before We Fix iPhone Error 6

Having spent some years writing programs for iOS devices, we have made a wonderful tool to fix some iPhone errors you may encounter.

Here is a tip for you:

FoneDog iOS System Recovery
to fix iPhone Error 6 or other problems on your devices. To help you fix the problem all by yourself, we also offer you some good solutions.

Part 1: What Is iPhone Error 6 and What Causes It
Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Error 6 Using iOS System Recovery without Data Loss
Part 3: How to Resolve the iPhone Error 6 by Deleting IPSW Files
Part 4: Other Five Tricks to Resolve the iPhone Error 6
Part 5: In Summary

Part 1: What Is iPhone Error 6 and What Causes It

Usually, you will encounter the iPhone error 6 when you try to update your iPhone device to the latest iOS or restore your iOS device to iTunes. The error message of iPhone error 6 is: “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (6).”

The other possible reasons that the iPhone error 6 would pop up are: when iTunes detects a security threat to your device, incomplete iTunes installation, a Touch ID from a new iPhone which is conflicting with the default security protocol, network settings, anti-virus software settings, USB connection, or jailbreak operation in your iPhone system, and many more. The succeeding part will discuss multiple solutions on how to resolve the iPhone error 6 that you have encountered.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Error 6 Using iOS System Recovery without Data Loss

A simple but reliable tool that can help repair your iOS devices to normal conditions, FoneDog iOS System Recovery is specifically developed to help fix your common iOS system issues such as the iPhone error 6 or iTunes error 6.


automatically detects

your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices if need to be repaired or not. With two repair modes to safely fix your iOS devices, the Standard mode will fix your device without involving any data losswhile Advanced mode will fix your device and delete all data on it.

You can do the repair of your device with three simple steps by choosing a repair mode, downloading the firmware and fixing your device. The
FoneDog iOS System Recovery
is a third party security software and available for a free trial.

Feel free to try it and fix the error now!

Free Download
Free Download

Step 1. Launch FoneDog iOS System Recovery Toolkit

When you are done downloading and installing the

FoneDog – iOS System Recovery

to your computer, open the installed application by double-clicking its shortcut icon located on the desktop or click its pinned icon on your taskbar (if a shortcut is created or pinned to the taskbar). You can also go to the Start menu and search FoneDog iOS System Recovery from the Programs list result.
Launch FoneDog iOS System Recovery Toolkit

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone Device

Make sure that your iPhone device is connected properly to your computer using the USB connection. Check that the USB cable and port have no damage that may affect or interrupt the repair process. Also, ensure to establish a stable connection with your iPhone device to your computer. Click the


button to begin the repair process.
Connect Your iPhone Device

Step 3. Select the iPhone Device Model

The next step is to select the device model, type, and category of your iOS device. Then, click the


button to view and search the firmware for optimizing your device. The list of firmware is shown for you to select and download. FoneDog iOS System Recovery will give you the latest iOS version to download which is necessary in order to fix the iOS system issues.
Select the iPhone Device Model

Step 4. Download Firmware and Repair Your iPhone Device

Select the firmware version that you want to download and import. Then, click the


button. The selected firmware is downloaded to your device and the repair process is automatically started. Make sure not to disconnect or use your device while the repair process is in progress to avoid data corruption.

Your computer should also be connected to a stable power source. Wait until the tool has completed repairing your device.
Download Firmware and Repair Your iPhone Device

Part 3: How to Resolve the iPhone Error 6 by Deleting IPSW Files

This simple process will guide you on how to resolve iPhone error 6 by deleting the IPSW files on your computer. Usually IPSW files will cause a problem when you want to update. An IPSW file is a raw iOS file that is downloaded by Apple iTunes to your computer which will be used to update your device. It can be in conflict with iTunes if there is an existing copy of the IPSW file.

How to delete all files that end with *.ipsw on your computer:

  • Step 01:

    Go to the following file path locations on your computer depending on your operating system:
    1. Mac OS X : ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
    2. Windows 10 & Windows 8: \Users\

      \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\
    3. Windows Vista & Windows 7: \Users\

      \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
    4. Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\

      \Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

You can also search for the *.ipsw files or the iTunes folder on Windows Explorer and proceed to delete the files when the results are returned.

  • Step 02:

    Delete all the files that end with *.ipsw. Select the files and press Delete key, or right-click on the files and select Delete from the menu.

  • Step 03:

    Check to see if all *.ipsw files have been deleted or search for the files if there remain existing files that are not yet deleted. Try to update your iOS device and see if the iPhone error 6 no longer persists.

Part 4: Other Five Tricks to Resolve the iPhone Error 6

This section provides several other methods that will guide you on how to resolve the common issue on iPhone error 6.

  1. Make sure to scan your computer for any viruses and malware that may cause the iPhone error 6. During the scan, remove the security threats and do a restart of your computer after the scan.
  2. See if this solution can help resolve the iPhone error 6. It is possible that if your iTunes is not correctly or completely installed or in an outdated version that the issue will occur. Download the latest updates of the iTunes application. Or you can also uninstall the old iTunes application, then download and install the latest version of the app on your computer.
  3. Check that the anti-virus software and firewall on your computer if these block the connection to the iTunes server. You can try to unblock the connections or disable them and see if you can connect your iOS device.
  4. Properly connect your iOS device to the computer and ensure that there is no interruption while doing the update or restore operations on your device. Possibly this can also cause the iPhone error 6. Check the USB cable and port for damages or use another cable or port to connect your iOS device to the computer.
  5. Aside from the USB connection, you also need to verify your network settings by checking the TCP/IP Internet Protocol properties of your system. Check that you have a secured and stable internet connection when restoring your iOS device.

If the above steps still do not resolve your issue on iPhone error 6, try to use another computer or system that you can connect your iOS device to and do the restoration of your iPhone there. It is possible that your system has some issues that might be causing the error.

Part 5: In Summary

An iPhone is an important and powerful personal device that you use every day. It is more than a phone which provides many useful features for users to relish and use may it be for work, business or personal matters.

And sometimes though even with how a device is designed and built technologically, it is not always foolproof from the issues that may arise. One example is the common iPhone error 6 that users have experienced when doing the restore error or update of their iOS devices. Several reasons cause the problem.

There are multiple ways to restore error which is presented in this article. When you need to repair and restore your iPhone device, a simple, easy to use and reliable program called
FoneDog iOS System Recovery
can help you with it which allows safe repair of your iOS device and bring it back to its normal state.

It offers two ways to fix your iOS system issues with automatic detection of your device available for both Windows and Mac OS. Try this convenient FoneDog iOS System Recovery toolkit and you never have to worry.

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