How to Delete Albums on iPhone? Here Is A Complete Guide

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Albums organize all the photos on a device. It gives you a more sleek look when all your photos are sorted and saved accordingly. However, there are instances that you no longer need the album after transferring the pictures in it.

Deleting your pictures is easy-peasy but erasing an album on your gallery is quite the opposite. The thing about deleting albums on the iPhone is that the album gets erased but whatever pictures it contains, they remain in the Photo Library.

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The idea is to get the pictures off from the specific album first then proceed with deleting the album itself. And, Apple won’t just let you erase it just like that, it loves challenges so get ready to face one! Find out how to delete albums on iPhone in this article.

Part 1. How to Delete Albums on iPhone
Part 2. How to Delete Albums Synced with iTunes
Part 3. Clean Up iPhone Photos to Free Up Space
Part 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Delete Albums on iPhone

If you have recently downloaded a photo or video editor app, you will notice that it has created a new album on your gallery. The album actually stays even after you have deleted the pictures or videos you have created and saved inside.

In fact, albums can also
take up a lot of your iPhone storage
and slow down its performance. User-created albums or app-generated albums like Instagram, WhatsApp, and
consume a big chunk of your storage space. Luckily, they are also easier to delete. However, some other albums can’t be deleted like:

  • The Camera Roll
  • Albums synced from your computer via iTunes
  • Media Types such as videos, etc…
  • Albums automatically created by iPhone (People & Places)

You can delete these unused albums any time by:

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone
  2. Select Albums and tap

    See All

  3. Find and tap


  4. Tap the red circle with the minus sign icon or the No Entry icon

Delete Albums on iPhone via Settings

Now that the specific Album is deleted, you may want to remove it via the Recently Deleted folder too to completely remove it off the iPhone.

Part 2. How to Delete Albums Synced with iTunes

Another option you can choose on how to delete albums on iPhone is by utilizing
. Follow this guide below.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable
  2. On your computer, open iTunes
  3. Find and click on your device
  4. Select


    from the left side menu
  5. Tick the circle for

    Selected Albums

  6. Choose the Albums you want to sync with iTunes. Any albums deselected are not included on your device
  7. Select Apply

Delete Albums Synced with iTunes

This will then initiate the sync option on your iPhone and into iTunes. Click Done after. However, this process does not completely delete the albums on your iPhone but rather re-syncs your photos.

Part 3. Clean Up iPhone Photos to Free Up Space

iPhone that is running
slow can be caused by a lot of things and most of the time, media files like photos and videos cause sluggishness.

If your primary concern is the space that your photos might consume, then you can clean up old and large photos and app albums at once.
FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
takes the stress away in tidying up your device.

This professional tool has all the competitive features you need to clean and optimize the iPhone plus extra more tools to help you get the most of your smartphone.

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner comes with Clean Up Photos tool with two options:

  • Backup & compress
  • Export & delete

Free Download
Free Download

To learn more on how to delete albums on iPhone using FoneDog iPhone Cleaner, follow this guide:

Step 1. Install FoneDog iPhone Cleaner on the computer

Download and install the software FoneDog iPhone Cleaner on your computer by following the on-screen instructions. Launch the software after successful installation,


with your email and password, and proceed to Step 2.

Register FoneDog iPhone Cleaner to Delete Albums on iPhone

Step 2. Connect iPhone via USB cable

The next thing you need to do is to connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Wait until the software recognizes your device and displays your phone details. From here, you can give a

quick scan

to check your overall device storage space.

Scan iPhone to Delete Albums

Step 3. Select Clean Up Photos

Choose Clean Up Photos from the left side menu and select what option to use to remove the pictures. You can

Backup & Compress

the pictures if you haven’t saved them yet or you can go ahead and

Export and Delete

them. This will transfer your photos to the computer and erase them on the iPhone.

You can also use the sort and filter feature to locate older pictures and app photos. There is a date timeline you can utilize to backdate and find pictures.

Clean Up Photos on iPhone

Step 4. Delete and Wait

After choosing the desired cleanup option, click the


button and wait for the entire process to be completed.

Fortunately, with FoneDog iPhone Cleaner, you can also remove other space-eaters such as junk files and old files that are lurking inside your iPhone. You can take advantage of these features to delete them and have a quicker and better iPhone right after.

Delete Albums on iPhone

You can opt to use the

Erase All Data

in one click as well. This will wipe out all the information on your iPhone and start anew.

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Part 4. Summary

In this article, you have just learned

how to delete albums on iPhone

. Newly created albums and App albums can be easily deleted using the above method given.

However, default albums on your Photo Library are not eligible to be erased like the albums automatically created by your iPhone, Selfies, Panoramas, Portrait, Slo-Mo, Live, and others found in the Media Types.

On the other hand, those albums made by WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, and other social apps can be easily removed. The most annoying part in deleting albums in iPhone is that the album gets deleted but the pictures are still intact in the Photo Library, which means, you still have a huge chunk of photos to consider.

To get rid of large and old photos, you can install

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

to scan your device for space-hoggers and remove them quickly. This tool comes with many features that will help you make your phone quicker and better.

Free Download
Free Download

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