How to Delete All Data Permanently on iPhone/iPad [2022 Guide]

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How can I delete all data on iPhone 6? I bought a new iPhone 7 and I want to sell my old iPhone. I need to delete all the data permanently to prevent others from getting my information. Can you provide methods of

how to delete all info from iPhone

? Thanks!

Before We Delete All Data Permanently on iPhone/iPad:

After several years of coding software for iOS devices, we have created a great data backup tool for every iOS user.

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FoneDog iOS Data Backup & Restore

to make a quick backup of some important data before you delete all data on iPhone or other iOS devices. For you to delete all data on iPhone, we have also collected some common solutions below for you.

Part 1. What to Do Before Selling Your iPhone/iPad?
Part 2. Why Do you Need to Delete All Data on iPhone/iPad?
Part 3. Create All Required Backup before Deleting All Data on iPhone
Part 4. Common Ways of How to Delete All Info from iPhone/iPad

Part 1. What to Do Before Selling Your iPhone/iPad?

iPhone and iPad are actually few of the great devices technology has ever developed. Apple has set upgrade launches to each of their iPhone and iPad series that is why almost every year there are new models of iPhone and iPad that everyone is expecting and anticipating. No doubt Apple is the number 1 in smartphone industry because of the many cool and fun features they add to their smartphone lines. Because of this, iPhone and iPad have become the most popular form of mobile technology especially to the younger generations and even to any age brackets.

Instead of buying a brand-new iPhone/iPad, people are actually buying second-hand devices which are cheaper but still looking like new. If you are interested in selling your own iPhone or iPad, you might need to

delete all data from iPhone

. You have to clean and wipe out any personal information from your iPhone/iPad to make it look new and ready for up sell.

Part 2. Why Do you Need to Delete All Data on iPhone/iPad?

Why do you need to

delete all data

on iPhone/iPad? Because you wouldn’t like to share any of your personal details with anyone, right? It is like taking a piece of you and gives it to anybody on the streets when you sell your iPhone/iPad without completely deleting all the necessary information.

When you own an iPhone or iPad, a part of you have also been stored in it like your photos, videos, contacts, documents, call histories and even credit card information. So these vital details should be erased completely before someone else might use it against you and you might end up a victim of identity theft.

Though Apple gives optimum security to all their users, it is still better to practice precautions rather than suffer the consequences after. In order to protect yourself from this possible issue, we will guide you on how to

delete all data

on your iPhone/iPad easily and faster.

However, before you get excited in erasing all your private information off your devices, you may need to have a backup prior to any reset or wipe out. These backups allow you to restore your phone settings including apps, contacts, photos and videos on a different device as long as you have the same Apple ID. You can easily get those files back via iTunes and iCloud.

Part 3. Create All Required Backup before Deleting All Data on iPhone

There are several ways to backup your device before you do any type of reset to

delete all data

on iPhone/iPad. If you have set an automatic backup on your iPhone/iPad, that is way better. At least you have peace of mind that all private details are intact and safe from the public eyes. However, you can also manually back up your device



Here are the simple steps to do:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using an original USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. Note: if you don’t have iTunes yet, you must first install iTunes and update it to the latest version before using.
  3. Once your iTunes is launched and the iPhone/iPad icon appears, click on it.
  4. Find the “

    Backup Now”

    and iTunes will complete the process for you. Backup may take a few minutes before it will be completed.


Backup using iCloud

Another method to take a backup is using iCloud which is an easier and convenient. Here’s how to do a backup via

  1. Connect to an available and secure Wi-Fi
  2. Go to your iPhone/iPad’s


    and search for


  3. Tap on “

    Back Up

    ” for iOS 8 and up. Tap “

    Storage and Back Up

    ” for iOS 8 and below.
  4. Slide iCloud Backup On and tap on “

    Backup Now

    ”. The backup may depend on the speed of the wireless connection.

Once you have finished all the backups, you may now proceed on how to

delete all data

on your iPhone/iPad permanently. It is better to verify all the backups before doing the permanent erasure to avoid further hassles.

Icloud Web

Also, FoneDog iOS Data Backup & Restore is recommended here to help the iOS data backup.

Part 4. Common Ways of How to Delete All Info from iPhone/iPad

If you have noticed, Apple has interconnected your Apple ID to different iOS apps that you use conveniently. They have pioneered the feature of having a single account to be used in so many different phone transactions. Whether to use your credit card for any purchases made in the App store or just a private photo you have been keeping inside your device; all these data are vital to your personal rights so whenever you decide to sell your device, always consider deleting everything clean. Check out these different ways to

delete all data

on iPhone/iPad:

To avoid the hassle of spending the whole day deleting all the data off your iPhone or iPad, you need to look for the better way to do it fast. First, you need to sign out from any of the linked accounts associated with the iPhone/iPad.

  1. Sign out and Delete iCloud Account – to do this, go to




    > and slide


    the “

    Find my iPhone

    ”. After turning off “

    Find My iPhone

    ” scroll down to “

    Delete Account

  2. Sign out with FaceTime and iMessage – If you are still under




    slider must be turned off. For FaceTime still under


    > FaceTime slider must be grayed out.
  3. Sign out with iTunes and App store – To sign out from iTunes and App store, go to





    App store > Apple ID

    > Tap on “

    Sign Out



: Make sure you also turn off all the passwords/pass codes and even fingerprints set on your device. If you own an Apple Watch, you need to disable the pairing in between the devices.

After you have signed out from all the lined accounts, you need to erase your iPhone data, here are the steps:

  1. Go to



    General> Reset
  2. Gently tap on “

    Erase All Content and Settings” >

    tap on “

    Erase iPhone



    ” twice to confirm the step.
  3. You need to type in your iPhone Passcode and enter your Apple ID password to turn off and remove the device from the “Find my iPhone” setting
  4. Tap on


    . This process will wipe out all data stored in the iPhone/iPad completely.

After deleting all the data from the phone, verify everything once again and if it is good to go, it can now be sold to another owner while you don’t have to worry about your personal information being used.

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