How to Delete Outlook Email Account: A Guide

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No matter how we fathom it, there are really times that we have to let go of even our email addresses. There could be a lot of possible reasons on why some people do it, like, it is already a spam account or an email at work that you no longer work at, or simply you just want it. Well, there is a proper way

how to delete outlook email account

, and in case you are in the situation to know how you do it properly, you have come to the right article to read.

Sometimes you want to
clear some space on iPhone
by cleaning up unneeded data. Whatever reasons you have, it is still important to do deletion of email account properly. Some may use it to gather data about you, while others might use it as a way to harm you or take back on you in case there are important facts and data stored or transacted on it. That is why it is very important that if you have chosen to do it, you should do it the right way.

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In this article, we will be talking about some of the ways how to delete outlook email account step by step. For you to be able to start the deletion of your account, let us now go into details.

Part 1. How Do You Delete Your Outlook Email Account?
Part 2. What Is The Best Way To Delete Outlook Email Account on iPhone?
Part 3. To Summarize It All

Part 1. How Do You Delete Your Outlook Email Account?

If you are going to make your research on how to delete your Outlook email account, you may already have an idea that your Outlook email account is owned by Microsoft. Technically, all the electronic mails account under Outlook or even Hotmail is linked with your Microsoft account. Due to this, it is not possible to erase your Outlook email account without deleting your whole Microsoft account also.

The process of how to delete Outlook email account is quite confusing. There are a lot of steps and things to remember before finally being able to delete your Outlook email account. Here are some of the things that you need to ponder first before proceeding to the actual steps.

  1. As we have said earlier, it is not possible to delete your Outlook email account without the deletion of your whole Microsoft account.
  2. To be able to proceed with the process of deleting your old Outlook email account, there is a need for you to

    create a new alias

    for your email and you should make it the primary address of your account.
  3. Also, it is a must to remember that once you have deleted your Outlook account, it is already final and you do not have any chance to access it again.

How to Delete Your Microsoft Account

  1. Initially, you need to go to and then log in using your credentials.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to “

    Your Info

    ” which is located at the top of the page.
  3. Then, you need to scroll down to the section that says “

    Help with Microsoft account

  4. Then proceed by clicking “

    How to close your account

  5. Then, you will be asked to choose whether you want to keep your data on your Microsoft account for either 30 or 60 days.
  6. Then tap “


  7. Then there are a lot of security confirmations that you have to answer first.

How to Delete Your Microsoft Account

How to Delete Your Outlook Email Account

  1. You need to create an alias for your new Outlook email.
  2. Then, you have to change your sign-in settings.
  3. On your account, change the primary email address.
  4. Then, delete your old email address.

Part 2. What Is The Best Way To Delete Outlook Email Account on iPhone?

With all the procedures that we have discussed in the previous part, why not talk about the best possible way how to delete Outlook email account. Yes, there is a better way to be able to secure that you have deleted your Outlook email account properly. It is best to make sure that it is deleted well, as well as its traces to be able to avoid unnecessary usage of data that can be used against you or may harm you.

The method that we are talking about is through the use of a tool called the
FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
. This tool has amazing features that will protect the privacy of your data, as well as the avoidance of anything that may cause harm to you via the usage of the data present on your Outlook email account.

You can be able to use this cleaner if you have a personal computer with Windows or macOS as its operating system. This FoneDog iPhone Cleaner is also compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

As you can see, FoneDog iPhone Cleaner is a great
cleaner for iPhone
that is compatible with almost all types of devices that is why it is chosen by many as their partner in cleaning and securing the data on an iPhone or a device.

Let us discover some of the features of the FoneDog iPhone Cleaner and why it is the first choice in the methods on how to delete Outlook email account.

  1. You can have all the time in the world with the help of this Fonedog iPhone Cleaner. This tool has an “Erase All Data” feature, saving you from manually deleting all the files that you have on a device. It is saving effort a time in one process, how amazing!
  2. In any case if there are data that you still want to keep, or you want to selectively delete some of your files, you can also use the FoneDog iPhone Cleaner. It is like you can go back and forth from the automatic process and then to the manual process again.
  3. FoneDog iPhone Cleaner can also be used in the restoration, creation of backup data or files, and even in the transferring of files from a specific device going to another one.

Let us now learn the process of how you can use the FoneDog iPhone Cleaner on how to delete Outlook email account on your phone or device.

Identifying the Storage of the Device

To be able to know what to delete, you should be able to see what does your phone contains. You can also remove the Outlook email on your phone, prior to the deletion or deactivation of the Outlook email.

  1. On your device, install the FoneDog iPhone Cleaner after downloading it. You will be entering the registration code and also the electronic mail address. It is the code that you have received upon registering.
  2. Then once you have connected the device to your computer using a cable, you must tap “


    ” to be able to let the application do something on your phone.
  3. Then to see the final storage of the device, click “

    Quick Scan

    ”. You will see the total capacity of your phone, also the storage that is left upon tapping Quick Scan.

Quick Scan to Delete Outlook Email Account

Start To Permanently Erase iPhone Data

  1. You will be asked to choose between three security levels, low, middle, and high. Once you have chosen the level of security, you must click “

    Erase All Data

    ”. You can see it on the left part of the interface. You must also tap “


    ” to delete all the data. Then, you must also make sure that “Find my iPhone” is off.
  2. To make sure that there are no applications or program that is running, type in “


    ” to be able to delete all the data on your phone including your Outlook email account. It is amazing that you can be able to do it in just one tap.

Erase All Data Including Outlook Email Account

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Part 3. To Summarize It All

It is important to take care of all the data that you have or you have gained which are stored on your Outlook email account. It may contain important files and data that can be used against you or the people around you. It is a must to take note of these things to be able to secure yourself from the threatening world we have nowadays.

We hope that you have learned all the basic things that you must know on

how to delete Outlook email account

on a phone, or on any device that you are using. Also, the use of tools like the

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

is really a must-try for you to be able to have the peace of mind that you always yearn for especially in things that may harm you.

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