How to Delete System Storage on iPhone? 5 Ways to Optimize

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“My iPhone is full and when I went to Settings and check on System, it took almost 14GB of my space. Is there a way

how to delete system storage on iPhone

? Thanks!”

You probably noticed your iPhone slowing down and crashing at times. And when you got into your Settings app, you found out that the system storage consumes much of your device capacity.

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The only way to make your iPhone faster is to unload it with stuff that has been clogging it for a while. Let’s find out how to delete the system storage on the iPhone in these 5 ways.

Part 1. How to Delete System Storage on iPhone
Part 2. How to Reduce the System Storage on iPhone – Life Hack
Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Delete System Storage on iPhone

The system storage contains all the important data that consists of your iOS, backup, logs, and cached items. Over time, this system storage gets filled and eats up a huge chunk of your device capacity. If you own a large-sized capacity iPhone, you may not notice it but those who use 16 GB and 32 GB devices experience it the worse.

Where to Find System Storage?

Before we get down further in
cleaning up your iPhone system storage
, first let’s get to know where to find it on the iPhone.

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings, then


    . Find iPhone Storage and scroll further to System.

This part right here varies in size. Sometimes you may see that your system storage has accumulated 5GB of data up to a surprising size of 15GB.

Now that you know where to find the system storage on your iPhone, it’s time to get down cleaning! Follow these 5 different ways how to delete the system storage on iPhone.

Tip#1 Observe Storage Recommendations

On the same part of your device where you found the system storage, there lies a few recommendations that Apple suggests to reduce the size. You can tap on the Recommendations, then tap Show All.

Here you may see a few tips on how to delete system storage on iPhone such as:

  • Enable the Auto-Delete Old conversations – This will automatically erase all your messages and attachments over a year ago to
    save up iPhone storage space
  • Review videos – Scroll through your videos find which files are taking much space and delete them.
  • Enable iCloud Photos – This will turn on the
    photos and save your pictures and videos and access them across iOS devices.
  • Review Large Attachments – Check which of your attachments consume a lot of space and remove them to reclaim more

Observe Storage Recommendations to Delete System Storage on iPhone

There are a few more recommendations that you may find in this section. These are tailored based on how your device is performing.

Tip#2 Force Restart

Haven’t turned off your iPhone for a while? This also leads to clogged system storage because it only accumulates more data. A force restart will remove all unnecessary processes and give your device a clean startup. Doing this will not erase your content and steps may differ depending on the iPhone you own.

If you have an

iPhone with a Home button

: Keep pressing and holding the power button until you see the ‘slide to power off appear. Turn off your iPhone.

iPhone without a Home button

: Touch and hold the Side button and Volume Down button until you see ‘Slide to power off on your screen. Swipe to power off.

Tip#3 Optimize Storage for Music Downloads

Apple Music
is another space-consuming app on the iPhone that you should highly consider. Good thing, you can optimize its storage for music downloads to implement how to delete system storage on iPhone.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Music
  3. Select Optimize Storage
  4. Turn on the bar for Optimize Storage
  5. Choose


    under Minimum Storage

Optimize Storage for Music Downloads to Delete System Storage on iPhone

Tip#4 Erase All Content and Settings

Giving your iPhone a clean start by wiping out all the data can boost its performance back. You can choose to Erase all its content and settings and start anew.

However, we recommend that you backup your device prior to doing this reset since it will remove all the data completely. Once you are ready, follow these:

  1. Go to your Settings app
  2. Tap


  3. Head over to Reset
  4. Choose Erase All Content and Settings
  5. Confirm request

Begin setting up your iPhone after it has restarted.

Erase All Content and Settings to Delete System Storage on iPhone

Tip#5 Use an iPhone Cleaner

To better implement how to delete system storage on iPhone, why not use a professional cleaner instead.
FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
is the best choice for you to ensure that your device is at its peak performance.

This software comes with a multitude of cleaning features including removing all junk and cache files, old apps, erasing large files, and more.

It also has Erase All Data and Erase Private Data features if you want to permanently remove data on your iPhone.

Free Download
Free Download

Using FoneDog iPhone Cleaner is simple and straightforward, check this out:

  1. Launch FoneDog iPhone Cleaner
  2. Connect iPhone via USB cable. Tap Trust this computer
  3. View your current device storage
  4. Click

    Quick Scan

  5. Erase. Choose what files you can erase based on the scan results

Erase Unneeded Data to Save System Storage on iPhone

Part 2. How to Reduce the System Storage on iPhone – Life Hack

Many users recommend doing this life hack to reduce the size of the system storage on the iPhone. First, take note of your current storage space. Then get your iPhone, USB cable, and iTunes, then follow these:

  1. Launch


    and connect iPhone via USB cable
  2. If needed, unlock your device and then tap Trust this computer and enter the passcode
  3. Simply leave the iPhone connected to iTunes for a few minutes. Do not sync or do anything
  4. Now, on your iPhone, head over to

    Settings> General> Storage

    . Scroll down to System. At this point, the storage system has been recalculated.
  5. Disconnect the iPhone

This hack has worked to so many users, but not always, however, you can try!

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Part 3. Summary

Finally, you have successfully reduced the size of your system storage by doing all the steps we have shared above. The best solution so far on how to delete system storage on iPhone is to clean up the iPhone on a regular basis to avoid experiencing slowness.

You can use

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

to erase unnecessary data and boost its performance. What other cleaning hacks do you know? Share it with us!

Free Download
Free Download

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