How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working? 8 Golden Rules to Fix

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Is your WhatsApp not running smoothly lately? Maybe it’s with the connection or an update. Perhaps, there is an outage or the app is totally down right now. Whatever it is that you are going through, this article will help you on

how to fix


not working


The number of WhatsApp users grew immensely since last year due to the demand for messaging and video calling. With this unexpected need, there were few issues that needed quick fixes.

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If you are one of those users who don’t know where to start, let this article walk you through the different ways on how you can resolve various WhatsApp problems.

Solution 1. Check If the App Is Down In your Country
Solution 2. Give Your Phone A Quick Reboot
Solution 3. Cannot Open WhatsApp? Check Your Internet Connection
Solution 4. Clear Cache on Android or Shut Down WhatsApp via App Switcher on iOS
Solution 5. Cannot Send or Receive Messages
Solution 6. Disable Data Saver
Solution 7. Check for the Latest Software Update
Solution 8. Reinstall WhatsApp

Solution 1. Check If the App Is Down In your Country

Hold up, don’t stress yourself yet. Maybe there is an ongoing WhatsApp maintenance that you failed to check with. Sometimes, you might think that your phone is causing the problem, when in fact, the issue is with the app and your location.

Before you go over the different steps on

how to fix WhatsApp

not working

, you can verify if there is an ongoing WhatsApp issue in your country by going through these websites:

  • Outage Report
  • Down Detector
  • Is It Down Right Now

By checking these websites, you can confirm if there are any ongoing WhatsApp issues in your country. You will also see detailed reports regarding the status of the app and its estimated resolution timeframe.

Solution 2. Give Your Phone A Quick Reboot

At this point, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why your WhatsApp stopped working. Are you able to access WhatsApp? Is it freezing?

There is this ever golden rule to turn off your Smartphone whenever it starts to act weirdly, give it a quick rest, and turn it back on.

A quick reboot can rid your phone of bugs strolling around the system and give it a refresh. Simply
push the Power button
on your phone until the screen completely turns black. Turn it back on after a minute or two and retry your WhatsApp.

Solution 3. Cannot Open WhatsApp? Check Your Internet Connection

If you are unable to access your WhatsApp, then there is a fat chance that you do not have an internet connection. To resolve this common issue, try doing the following:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet by turning the Wi-Fi or Mobile Data on
  • Check if you are able to access other apps that use the internet
  • T
    oggle the Airplane Mode on and off
    to let your phone initiate network search

After doing these steps above, check to see if you are now able to open WhatsApp.

Solution 4. Clear Cache on Android or Shut Down WhatsApp via App Switcher on iOS

Another option to solve

how to fix WhatsApp not working

problems is to clear the cache. Most apps use cache to store data temporarily in order to load faster and use lesser resources. But, these caches can sometimes cause interruptions especially when they have become corrupted.

Don’t worry much about caches, you can clear them off any time. Here are the steps:

On Android:

  1. Open your Apps from the Settings
  2. Find and select WhatsApp among the listed apps
  3. Tap to open
  4. Choose

    Clear Cache

Clear Cache on Android to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

On iPhone:

iPhone users can shut down WhatsApp via the App Switcher. To do this, simply double-click the Home Button, you will see the recent apps you have accessed. Find WhatsApp and slide up to shut down.

Clearing cache will not lose any important data on your phone. It will only remove the temporary files created to make the app work faster. Once you have cleared the cache, it will bring WhatsApp to its default frame.

Solution 5. Cannot Send or Receive Messages

WhatsApp solely relies on the internet in order to send and receive messages. Your notifications and messages might be delayed if there is a weak connection. Here is a checklist of what you can do:

  • Open other internet apps like Chrome or email. If yes, go to the next step
  • Try to send a test WhatsApp message to another contact. This will determine if the issue is happening to all your contacts or an isolated case

If you cannot access other apps or sites, then your internet connection has a problem.

Solution 6. Disable Data Saver

Data Saver is usually beneficial for those on mobile data. If you have a limited plan, you can turn this feature on. Turning the Data Saver on will activate the option that most apps and services will get background data only through a Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have this feature, your WhatsApp might be affected. It won’t work at its optimum since the data it is using is limited. However, if you are confident that you do not need the Data Saver feature, you can disable this option. This is one of the most efficient ways on

how to fix WhatsApp

not working


Here’s how to turn off the Data Saver:

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open

    Network and Internet
  3. Select

    Data Saver
  4. Turn it off

Disable Android Data Saver to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

You will get a screen notification that your Data Saver is off.

For iPhone:

  1. Open


    from Settings
  2. Tap Cellular Data Options
  3. Select Data Mode
  4. Swipe the

    Low Data Mode

    left to turn off

Turn off iPhone Low Data Mode to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

Open your WhatsApp and check if you are now able to use it fully.

Solution 7. Check for the Latest Software Update

Resolving glitches and bugs, or adding more cool features are essential for apps. It can only be done by forcing the users to update the app to the latest software released by the developers.

If you are seeing force close errors, freezing, crashing, or you want to know

how to fix WhatsApp not working

issues, then it’s highly recommended that you update to the latest WhatsApp software version.

On your iPhone:

Visit the AppStore and open your profile, find WhatsApp among your apps and check if there is an Update available. Tap Update and wait until it is installed.

Check WhatsApp Update to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

On your Android:

Open PlayStore and go to your Apps & Games, scroll, and find WhatsApp. Tap Update if it is available.

Update WhatsApp on Android to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

Another update that you need to check is your phone’s operating system too. Perhaps, your phone’s current version and WhatsApp are not compatible, the reason why you are unable to use the app.

To update your iPhone go to


, open


. Tap

Software Update

. Download and install if it is available. Make sure that your iPhone has enough battery life to sustain until the update is completed.

You can update your Android by going to your


, find and select


, tap

System Update

. Follow the onscreen prompt if there is an available update.

Solution 8. Reinstall WhatsApp

Reinstalling WhatsApp should be your last resort when you have exhausted all the solutions given prior. Removing the app can help you on

how to fix WhatsApp

not working


However, this might result in losing your WhatsApp data. If you have a lot of conversations that are important enough to delete, then you should
create a backup

Your Google Drive is an excellent WhatsApp backup for android while the iCloud backup is still the option for iOS.

If you are not using iCloud as your primary backup, then alternatively, you can use
FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer

Free Download
Free Download

This is dedicated software for WhatsApp to keep your chat history and media files intact. To use this software, simply download it on the computer and follow these steps:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone
  2. Select


    from the menu
  3. Choose the backup destination folder and click

    Start Backup

Backup WhatsApp before Uninstalling It

After you have created a backup for your WhatsApp data, you can now go ahead and delete it from the iPhone. Reinstall the app and restore your backup using

FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer


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If you followed these 8 golden rules on

how to fix WhatsApp

not working

, then you are probably enjoying talking to your friends and family again. You see, there is no issue too big to overcome when you have understood the root cause, and carefully considered your options.

Just remember that if it is necessary to uninstall your WhatsApp, make sure that you have a backup, otherwise, you will end up losing your conversations, voice clips, and media files. Keep

FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer

on your computer to help you save those important chats.

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