How to Make a Ringtone on iPhone and Android?

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Have you ever found that the ringtone on your iPhone and Android is limited? Do you want to use other kinds of music as your ringtone, or do you want to customize your own unique ringtone? If your answer is yes, then this article is exactly written for you.

The post will give you a complete guide on how to

make a ringtone

on the iPhone and Android. No matter what kind of phone you are using, you are welcomed to learn the methods of setting your own customized ringtone in this article. Here we go!

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Part 1: Setting Ringtone for iPad/iPhone
Part 2: Making Ringtone for Android
Part 3: Conclusion

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Part 1: Setting Ringtone for iPad/iPhone

If you are using iPad or iPhone, then you must have iTunes in the system. iTunes is a music app for iPhone users to enjoy various types of music. It is easy for users to download any kind of music that they like in iTunes. They could download songs in mp4 form to the iTunes and these songs will be saved automatically to their devices.

So how could you make the music that you enjoy to your ringtone? Here are specific steps for you.
Iphone Ringtone

Step 01: Unlock Your iPad/iPhone and Click Setting

First of all, you have to

unlock your iPad or iPhone

and open


before setting your own ringtone.
Iphone Setting

Step 02: Select Sound/Sounds & Haptics

Then, choose


in your iPad or select

Sounds & Haptics

in your iPhone. Under the section of Sounds & Haptics, you may see such options like

Ringtone, Text Tone, New Mail sound

and so on. You are free to tap one of them to set the ringtone. There are some ringtones which have already existed in the system. It depends on you to choose one as your ringtone or make a customized ringtone.
Sounds And Haptics

Step 03: Choose One Ringtone

After opening the Sounds & Haptics, you may see your downloaded ringtone at the top of your phone page. Below your customized ringtone, there are some standard ringtones waiting for you. Now, you can select one music and set it as your special ringtone.

Apart from that, you can also set a certain ringtone or text tone for one specific friend in your


. Here is a simple guide for you to set the ringtone for one person. To begin with, you need to look up the person in your phone Contacts. Then, you could tap the Edit which is in the upper right of your phone. After that, click


or tap Text Tone and choose one music for the person.
Incoming Call Ringtone

Part 2: Making Ringtone for Android

The methods of setting ringtone for Android are just as simple as that of the iPad/iPhone. If you have read the above steps and fully understood them, then the following steps will also be easy for you to make out. The steps for Android are much easier and it won’t cost you much time.

Step 01: Unlock Your Android Phone and Choose Setting

The Android phone should be opened first. Then, you need to find the


and open it.
Android Setting

Step 02: Select Sounds and Vibration

Under Setting, there is

Sounds and Vibration

. It is a little like Sounds & Haptics in iPad and iPhone. You can just click it and then find different options of ringtone setting.

Step 03: Click the Ringtone

Among those various options, the Ringtone is what you have to choose in order to set a ring for your phone.
Sounds And Vibration

Step 04: Set Your Ringtone

In the upper-right corner of this page, you may see a word in its capital form and that is “


”. Then you have to click it so as to choose certain music that you want. After all of these have been done, you may see the button of “


”, then tap it. Here, you have successfully set up your customized ringtone.

Part 3: Conclusion

There is no one who does not want to have a special ringtone. It is amazing to make a ringtone on your iPhone or Android by yourself. This post has introduced detailed steps of setting ringtone for iPad/iPhone and Android. Once you have learned about it, so you could begin to make your customized ringtone. Don’t waste your time, let’s do it at this very moment!

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