How To Read Someone’s iMessage Online

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“I want to know whom my child is talking to without her knowing about it. She’s been on her phone most of the time and my fear is getting stronger. Is there a way on

how to read someone’s iMessage online

? Thanks.”

As a parent, partner, or employer, your greatest fear would be getting lied to or getting compromised with whatsoever that this significant person can do.

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Spying or hacking is not all bad, sometimes it can bring more good in terms of security, confidence, and trust. You just need the right tool to do it.
Transfer iMessage files
are also one way to do it.

It is pretty easy to read and track someone’s text messages using spying apps or programs. If you want to know how to read someone’s iMessage online, read along to find out.

Part 1. 5 Best iMessage Spy Apps Online
Part 2. How to Read Someone’s iMessage via Backup Extractor
Part 3. Summary

Part 1. 5 Best iMessage Spy Apps Online

If adding a spy app on your child’s phone to read their iMessage online can give you peace of mind that he or she will be safer, then consider these 5 best iMessage spy apps:


is a top-notch phone spy app that you can use to track text messages, calls, social apps, and more. It offers 100% undetectable and remote monitoring.

Here are some of its notable iMessage features:

  • Read incoming and outgoing iMessage and text messages
  • View contacts and details
  • Recover deleted messages using auto-archive
  • Look over media files and time & date entries
  • No jailbreak needed

The installation is also pretty upfront, you only need to sign up, set up, and spy! What’s even more excellent with Minspy is the ability to install this software without the need to physically touch their iPhones. You only need the iCloud login details and start to install.

So there’s no way they can notice that you are tracking their iMessage.


Another parental control app that you can take advantage of is mSpy. You can also use this on your employees’ company-owned mobile phones or on your partner’s iPhone.

It’s an undetectable app that monitors and intercepts suspicious iMessage on the iPhone and provides the following highlights:

  • Read every sent and received iMessage
  • Complete timestamp information
  • Scan and view photos and videos
  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone

However, you got to be quick in installing mSpy on the target phone if you want to monitor their iMessage.

Read Someone’s iMessage Online with mSpy


If you are looking for a sophisticated tracking app,
is an ideal choice. It supports iOS devices running on iOS 6 and above. It provides seamless tracking on SMS, iMessage, locations, social apps, and more.

FlexiSPY is available on both iOS and Android smartphones and comes with FREE and premium versions. Of course, you will get to unlock all the great features using the premium account which can cost up to $68/mo.

Purchase, install, and spy. These are just the basic steps you need to go through to start monitoring the target phone. Apart from that, you can also directly purchase devices such as iPhone or other Android devices from the FlexiSPY company with the app already installed.

One of the downsides of this app is the need to jailbreak the iPhone to activate the remote monitoring. Other than that, it is a good choice to read someone’s iMessage online


A complete tracking app is what Spyera is all about. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

It can monitor various activities on the target phone such as to monitor iMessage, SMS, calls, social apps. One of its main strengths is the ability to enable live call listening and even hear the surrounding sounds of the target device.

However, you need to jailbreak the iPhone in order to get through tracking services. But, the good thing is, the jailbreak is undetectable. No one will know and understand that the device has been jailbroken.

Spyera is also quite expensive for a spy app at $389/annually.

KidsGuard Pro

An excellent app to read and monitor iMessage is KidsGuard Pro. Apart from tracking messages, you can also monitor social apps, calls, and even locations.

KidsGuard Pro is not only perfect for protecting your kids but also for tracking the online and phone activities of almost anyone. If you want to know

how to read someone’s iMessage online

, then this app is good.

With $100/per year, you will get all the tools needed to spy on the target phone, plus it does require you to jailbreak the device just to install this app.

Part 2. How to Read Someone’s iMessage via Backup Extractor

Apart from installing spy apps just to read iMessage on a target device, you can also use a backup extractor to retrieve conversations. It can be any extractor software or application of your choice.

FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
is one of the best tools you can find online. It gives you the ability to retrieve data directly from the device, from the iTunes backup, and even from iCloud.

This software is primarily used to recover deleted or lost files such as contacts, messages, photos, and more. However, you can also use this to extract an iOS backup and retrieve all the essential conversations you need. Read someone’s iMessage is just one of the small functions you could use.

If the target iOS device performs regular backup, whether iTunes or iCloud, then you only need to install FoneDog iOS Data Recovery on your computer to get going. Check this out:

Use iTunes Backup

Use Third Party Software to Login iTunes to Read iMessages FIles Online

  1. Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
  2. Click Recover from iTunes Backup on the main program
  3. Select the most current iTunes Backup
  4. Scan the backup to extract content
  5. Preview conversations and recover

Use iCloud Backup

  1. Open FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
  2. Select Recover from iCloud Backup
  3. Sign in to your iCloud account. It should be the same account activated on the target device
  4. Download the recent iCloud backup
  5. Scan and extract
  6. Recover iMessage conversations

Extracting iMessages Files From iCloud via Third Party Software

Lastly, if the iMessage conversation you wanted to retrieve has already been deleted and was not included in the backup, you can use the Recover from iOS Device method. Follow these:

  1. Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
  2. Connect iPhone via USB cable
  3. Click Recover from iOS Device and Start Scan
  4. Preview iMessage and Recover

The messages will be recovered and downloaded to the computer wherein you can read and go through them.

Part 3. Summary

How to read someone’s iMessage online can be challenging but with the help of spy apps, you can do it in no time. Just a reminder that we don’t tolerate hacking, but if security is at risk, say your kids that may have been lured online, or a cheating partner, and a misbehaving employee then these 5 best apps can help you.

Free Download
Free Download

In case you got the chance to get hold of the target phone yet the data you need has been removed, you can take advantage of
FoneDog iOS Data Recovery
. It offers 3 methods of recovery, directly from the iOS device, from iTunes backup, and iCloud backup.

Choose the best apps to use carefully.

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