How To Rotate Video in VLC Permanently: Best Guide

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VLC is a household media player in the multimedia industry. Most people know it as a media player, and few know it as a video editor. This article shows you

how to rotate video in VLC permanently

. The unique advantage of VLC is that it supports both the old and the modern multimedia content that includes VCD, CSA, DVD and lives streaming of content on websites. The multiplayer is simple and works on a high-performance framework; the conversion speed is also something to appreciate about the toolkit.

The application has no limit on the file formats. Audio and video files, live streams, webcams and devices all have a stake in this toolkit. Some of the file versions supported on the interface include MPEG, MKV, WMV, MP3, and H264.

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Moreover, it has no limit on the operating systems; Windows, Linux, mac and Unix all have a stake in this toolkit. It has no ads or spyware, making it the most secure platform. Little is known about video editing functions. Read more in part two of this article.

Part #1: How To Rotate Video in VLC Permanently
Part #2: Alternatives to VLC- FoneDog Video Converter
Part #3: Why Use VLC to Rotate Your Videos

Part #1: How To Rotate Video in VLC Permanently

Some of the video editing functions of this media player include trimming, cutting, merging, cropping, rotating and even addition of visual effects. They are found in the advanced features of the toolkit. Our area of focus is how to rotate video in VLC permanently. The degrees of rotation supported on the interface include 90 or 180 e, or 270.

You also have an option of rotating the videos to whatever degrees. Besides, you are also able to flip either horizontally or vertically and also trans cope and antiscope options.

Here is the procedure.

  • Download, install and set the VLC media player on your PC.
  • Open the VLC media player.
  • Click


    and open the file to load the file on the VLC interface; alternatively, you can drag and drop the files on the interface.
  • Click


    and select

    Effects and Filters

    , then


    Tab, and finally transform and tick the degree of rotation you may need.
  • You’ll have your video according to the proper orientation, either landscape or portrait.

Use the advanced options of VLC and improve the quality of the video functions with minimal hassle.

How To Rotate Video in VLC Permanently

Part #2: Alternatives to VLC- FoneDog Video Converter

Suppose you are still looking for a video editor and a video converter that can also run

how to rotate video in VLC permanently

. In that case, this is your go-to digital solution,

FoneDog Video converter

The application runs on a simple interface ideal for all users, irrespective of their technological know-how. The toolkit supports several editing functions, including
trimming iPhone videos
, rotating, flipping, merging, adding background music, and adding watermarks. The application supports multiple processing of files and runs at high speed.

Here’s how to perform the rotation functions and convert videos from 4K
UHD format
to various other file formats, regardless of the original operating system. Additionally, learn how to permanently rotate a video using VLC.

  • Download, install and set the FoneDog Video converter.
  • Click the
    Convert Audio/Video icon.
  • Upload the files on the console either using the drag and drop function or using the inbuilt web browser.
  • Select the Output Format and choose a reliable file version supported by VLC.
  • Click the Output Directory to save the file on your storage location and give it a name.
  • Click the

    Export icon

    to start the conversion process and view the files on the

    Recent Projects


How to Rotate Video in VLC Permanently- Export

For video rotation.

  • After the download and installation, click the Rotate/Flip Video menu.
  • Select the direction from the preset templates and preview to prove that this is what you want.
  • Click


    to integrate all the new settings and wait for the newly flipped video.

How to Rotate Video in VLC Permanently- Click Save

Part #3: Why Use VLC to Rotate Your Videos

This is a one-stop shop for all multimedia content needs. It is a media player, video editor and video converter. Another unique advantage of this application is efficiently managing and running all the multimedia content editing toolkits. Moreover, when you are looking for a media player with minimal compatibility challenges, then it is
The universal audio and video codecs within the interface make it an ideal toolkit for both old and modern multimedia files. That includes streaming multimedia content online. Apart from the primary media players, its advanced functions are also an answer to how to rotate video in VLC permanently. Rotating a video file means you need to change the orientation of the video to allow you to view it correctly, irrespective of the orientation from the source. Are you still in doubt about the VLC functions?

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You are at liberty to choose the video editors and video converters for your editing and conversion processes, respectively. However, the choice of the toolkits depends on the end product. The best free video editor or
free video converter
should enhance the quality of the video file.
On the other hand, any good video converter should also support a variety of video files despite the OS. That’s why the FoneDog Video converter is the best of them all, thanks to the high processing speed and high performance without forgetting the batch processing of files supported on the interface. Although we have mentioned a few toolkits as applications on

how to rotate video in VLC permanently

, there are many others in the market that you need to explore, test and prove their functionality.

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