iPhone Screen is Broken, How to Backup Data?

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“My iPhone 8 screen is broken. It is working but I am unable to unlock it with the passcode? I want to backup data with this iPhone broken screen, can I do this now?”

The following article will guide you

how to backup a broken iPhone


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Part 1. The Reasons of Broken iPhone with Damaged Screen
Part 2. Backup Data from iPhone Broken Screen via FoneDog – Data Backup and Restore
Video Guide: How to Backup and Restore Data from Broken Screen iPhone
Part 3. Conclusion

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Part 1. The Reasons of Broken iPhone with Damaged Screen

Did you accidentally break your iPhone’s screen Or did your cute little sister sit on it causing damage to the phone’s screen Probably when you encountered these situations you are on a panic mode as to how can you repair back your phone without spending hundreds of dollars, or worse, you are probably on the desperate mode trying to recover at least the files, data, notes, android important documents.
When your mobile device’s screen is broken(which may also bring error for home button), the first thing that probably came to your mind is that you are doomed by your boss or your teacher because the important file that you need to submit is stored in your broken iPhone device and you can never retrieve it back. Nah, it is not necessarily like that. When a phone’s screen is broken, it does not mean that everything in the phone is wiped out as well. Since it is just the hardware – which is the broken screen, then you will still be able to recover what’s inside your phone. The computer will still be able to
detect and restore
your device’s files even if the phone’s screen is crushed to bits.

Reasons of iPhone Screen Broken

Read more about this post and you will learn how to back up and restore your data on a

broken iPhone

even if the iPhone screen is broken.

Part 2. Backup Data from iPhone Broken Screen via FoneDog – Data Backup and Restore

Click the download button to start back up the iPhone which broke the screen.

Step 1. Download the FoneDog Toolkit- Data Backup and Restore

To get started, you need to download and install the software on our website. FoneDog Toolkit-
Data Backup and Restore
is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers where you can download the desired version for your operating system.

Follow the onscreen installation guides and open the program when it finishes.

Once installed, launch the program. Once you launch the program, you will be provided with 2 options from the program, to Backup or Restore your data. Since we want to back up your data from a broken phone, then simply choose

iOS Data Backup


backup and restore

Step 2. Connect Broken iPhone device to your computer.

Grab a working cable and connect your iPhone to the computer. Again, make sure that the cable you are using is perfectly working or else you will not only be dealing with a broken phone screen but also a bricked one.

Once you found the perfect cable to use, connect your iPhone to the computer immediately, then choose which backup mode to choose to back up your data from your broken phone.

There are two backup options available for you. One is the Standard Backup mode, where you can just simply back up your data normally. Like the usual method of backing up files. This method is quick and easy, and perfect for people who are not so privacy-conscious type.

Then there is the Encrypted Backup mode where you can create a secret passcode so that you are the only person that is able to access the contents of the backup file. So, if you are a person that has a lot of things to keep secret, then this method is the best for you.

Once you are done choosing which backup mode to use, you can now go to the next process by clicking the


button. The program will then start scanning your device’s files.

Select Backup Mode

Step 3. Select your Data from Broken iPhone

Once the program finished scanning your device, it will then display a preview of all the contents stored on your device. The unique feature of this Fonedog Toolkit is that it can give you an option to selectively choose which file to back up.

For example. if you only want to back up some photos, music, and documents, then you can do that by ticking each file type’s boxes, indicating that you are only going to back up these files.

After selecting which file to back up, hit Next to proceed to the next process.

select files type to backup

Step 4. Backup Finished on Broken iPhone

After you hit Next, the program will automatically begin the backup process. The process will take a while, mostly depending on the file size.

If the file size is not large enough, then the process will be done in a minute or less. Once done, the program will display a congratulatory message.

backup completed

Similarly, you can also use the Screen Fonedog Toolkit – Data Backup and Restore of how to backup iPhone with broken screen to your computer or iPhone / iPad.

Some like to ask another way like
A Quick Guide to Backup iPad to iTunes
which is a good helper for us to back up and restore iPad’s data via this guide and this tutorial like
Quick Ways to Restore Backup to Your New iPhone
just follow the above-guided tutorial all hassle about restore backup to your new iPhone devices difficult is none.

#1 Selectively Restore Data to Your Broken iPhone/iPad

Make sure your iPhone or iPad was connected to your PC using your working cable. In Part I, you selected iOS Data Backup to back up your data, now on this part, select

iOS Data Restore


backup restore

#2 Opt Your Backup File

After you click iOS Data Restore, FoneDog toolkit will show you all your backups. You can see the backup date and your file size. Choose the one you want to back up from, and then click the View Now button.

view backups

#3 Scanning Backup Files on broken screen iPhone.

FoneDog toolkit will begin scanning your backup files. You can see the progress on the windows and you can click Pause to pause or Stop to finish the process.

Scanning Backup

#4 Restore Your Files to iPhone device or PC

When the scanning is done, you can preview the backup data. You can preview each item from the left of the windows. Then selectively select which data you want to restore. Now, choose Restore to Device or Restore to PC then save the restored data.

On the output choose where you want to restore your data and click Restore. The process will start immediately. Wait for a couple of minutes and the process will be done. Your data are now safely backed up and restored on your computer or to your iPhone device.

Restore files

Video Guide: How to Backup and Restore Data from Broken Screen iPhone

In this video, you can learn how to
backup DATA from broken iPhone
few simple steps.

Part 3. Conclusion

We always recommend this device in backing up and restoring data as it is very easy to use. When dealing with iOS problems, you can always use our Fonedog Toolkit for assistance. Our toolkit has a lot of features that you can use to troubleshoot different kinds of broken iPhone Apple device issues.

Actually, iCloud backup helps a lot if you are using iOS devices. If you have iCloud backup, you would be extremely easy to get the data back from a broken iPhone and then transfer the data in iCloud backup to your new phone. However, if you don’t have iCloud backup, the data is hopeless to recover. Be sure that you have backed up the data using iCloud backup or FoneDog toolkit after you finish reading the article.

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