Quick Guide: How to Backup Kik Messages Easily and Quickly

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One of the biggest headaches is that your Kik has no backup feature. Here is a complete guide on

how to backup Kik messages

easily and quickly.

Part 1. The Best Way to Backup Kik Messages on iPhone Using iOS Apps Backup & Restore
Part 2. Video Guide: Backup Your Kik Messages Easily and Quickly
Part 3. Backup Kik Messages Manually on iPhone and Android
Part 4. Recommendations – Use FoneDog toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

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Part 1. The Best Way to Backup Kik Messages on iPhone Using iOS Apps Backup & Restore

Backing up your files and data may seem like an unimportant task to us unless we experience the lost. It is only at this moment that we realized how important it is to have regular backups. However, if you are using instant messaging apps, some of them does not have backup servers which are quite dreading if you have lost or deleted some of the most cherished conversations on your device.

Kik is an instant messaging app that allows us to enjoy sending and receiving text messages, photos, gifs, contacts, videos, and many other features. This is so popular among the teens that it recently hit its 275 million users worldwide. Unlike other instant messaging apps, Kik does not require a mobile number to connect you with other users; all you need is a username to have an identity and you are now in the loop of social connections.

Kik app does not have a backup server for all your messages. All the conversations you had with your contacts or groups stay on the device where you have logged in. Because of this, there have been a lot of cases of lost messages that were not recovered. For this reason,
FoneDog toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore
was then developed to aid all iPhone and iPad users to backup their Kik messages and other files at any time. It can also help people
restore their lost data like text messages
, videos, contacts, and so on.

This third party program allows you to selectively

backup Kik messages

with a preview option. There are no more headaches and hassles in times of crisis, all you need is


toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

and you can sleep soundly at night. To learn how this software works and

backup Kik messages

, follow the steps below:

Free Download
Free Download

Step 1. Download the

FoneDog toolkit – iOS Data Backup & Restore on your Mac

FoneDog toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

works perfect with Mac OS X 10.11, iOS 9.3. After downloading the software online, you need to install it next and launch to start using the backup option. You may also follow the onscreen download procedure.

Backup Kik Messages Using Fonedog iOS Data Backup and Restore

Step 2. Kik Backup and Restore from The Program Screen

After the program has been launched, Click on “

iOS Data Backup

” in order to

backup Kik messages


Choose iOs Data Backup to Backup Kik Messages

Step 3. Choose the Data Type to Backup

You need to connect your iPhone to the computer using the original USB cable.

Select Files Type to Backup Kik Messages

Step 4. Secure The Connection during The Backup

The “


” process will start automatically after you clicked the button. During this time, make sure that the connection between the iPhone and Mac is secure; avoid using your iPhone while still connected as this may cause an interruption. You will see a screen notification once the backup process is complete and you will be able to view the backup files as well.

Backup Kik Messages Successfully

Step 5. Selectively Restore Kik Messages on iPhone

You can view the newly backed up file for your Kik messages by simply clicking the “

View it

” or “

To view previous backup file

” links while the iPhone and Mac are still connected with the software. After you did the

backup Kik messages

process, you are now confident that your Kik chats are copied and kept safe whenever you need them. The best part of this software is that you are able to restore only the messages you want to recover without going through the hassle of restoring all the backups just to look for a single conversation. FoneDog

toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

is specially made for Kik app so you fully maximize its full potential and truly enjoy the app’s features.

View Backups and Selectively Restore Kik Messages on iPhone


The common problem where all the iPhone users are facing is losing old Kik messages and then definitely how to get old Kik messages back. At this time, you may need
FoneDog – iOS Data Recovery
to recover your Kik messages. Here is a complete guide:
How to Get Deleted Kik Messages Back on iPhone

Part 2. Video Guide: Backup Your Kik Messages Easily and Quickly

Part 3. Backup Kik Messages Manually on iPhone and Android

By default settings,
Kik app
allows you to view the chat histories on your iPhone or iPad on the exact device you have used for log in as long as you have not deleted your account or logged out. However, you need to have the latest Kik app version to view the conversation histories. For the past 48 hours, you are able to see the last 1,000 message histories and if beyond the 48 hours timeframe, you can only view the last 500 message histories.

For Android devices:

If you are using an Android device, there is also a way to

backup Kik messages

by using the default app settings. You are able to see the chat histories of 600 messages for the past 48 hours. Beyond 48 hours or older chats, you can only see the last 200 messages.

Take Screen shots

Another option to

backup Kik messages

is to take screen captures manually of the chat conversations. This process though is time consuming and it is not every day you will have the time to do this. On both the Android and iPhone devices, you can follow the device settings on how to take screen shots. You may also use another device to take a picture of the conversations you want to copy or backup.

Deleted Chat Histories

Deleted Kik messages are not recoverable since they don’t store your messages on their servers. Once you have cleared the chat histories, you can no longer have them back unless you have used FoneDog

toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

where you can easily

backup Kik messages

in a few clicks and restore them selectively on your iOS device in a single click as well.

Part 4. Recommendations – Use FoneDog toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

FoneDog toolkit – iOS Apps Backup & Restore

is a professional software that helps you

backup Kik messages

in no time. This is safe software that has been partnering iOS devices for a long time already and had been proven effective for both backup and recovery software solutions. With FoneDog


, you can rest-assured that you have invested in a worthy solution that will keep you hassle-free during the lost or deleted moments of your smartphone experience.

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