Top Guide 2023: How to Put Videos on PSP Easily

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Few people know that the PSP can watch video clips and view some image files. PSP has a lot to offer more than just a gaming interface. However, this information you only know when you widen your knowledge of information.

When you have the videos and the PSP console without the knowledge, you may not know what to do. As easy as it may sound, it needs vast knowledge in video handling to help you manage it. Some of the video files supported on the interface include AVI, UMD, and MP4. Here you can learn

how to put videos on PSP

. Here are some of them.

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Part #1: Simple Guide on How to Put Videos on PSP
Part #2: Best Video Converter to Change PSP Videos to MP4
Part #3: Other Video Converters to Change PSP Files to MP4 Files- PSP Video Converter

Part #1: Simple Guide on How to Put Videos on PSP

Before you begin the process, you must have a proper and suitable memory stick. The memory stick memory card depends on the video size. If it is not fit, you might need to
resize the video
first. Memory stick and memory cards are the same thing do not confuse.

Here are the steps on

how to put videos on PSP


  1. Using a USB cable, connect the PSP to the computer and turn on the PSP. Make sure it’s turned off before the insertion.
  2. On the settings bar, turn it on and wait for it to detect the PSP as a removable drive assigned in an alphabetical letter.
  3. Click on it using Windows Explorer, open the PSP folders, create a new folder, and name it MP-ROOT
  4. Maintain the other PSP file formats, do not delete.
  5. Under the MP_ROOT, create another folder 100MNV01
  6. Take your videos and make sure they are in MP4 file formats; if not, use a video converter like the one discussed in part 2 of this article.
  7. On the created folder, copy and paste the MP_ROOT folder.
  8. Click on the


    , select


    , and choose further Memory Stick and you are now at liberty to watch the videos at will.

How to Put Videos on PSP

Part #2: Best Video Converter to Change PSP Videos to MP4

You can only watch the video files in an MP4 file format. Therefore, you must look for a video converter that supports the two file formats for conversion.

FoneDog Video Converter

is your go-to file converter that supports all conversions. Moreover, the application also doubles up as a video editor and a video enhancer.

These are among the steps to knowing

how to put videos on PSP

. The application supports multiple processing of files and has no limit on the file formats and versions you can use. Moreover, this
video converter which is free and the best
also runs on a simple interface with minimal hassle. Also, some of the visual effects supported on the interface include trimming, merging, splitting, cutting, and flipping, among others. The digital solution’s fast conversion speed and flexibility are a plus for this application.

Here is the conversion procedure:

  1. Download, install and run FoneDog Video Converter.
  2. Add files on the interface using the drag and drop functionality.
  3. Select the


    button and choose some of the video enhancements you may what to accompany the videos.
  4. Click

    Convert format

    and choose MP4 file format as the output file format.
  5. Click


    to complete the process.

Best Video Converter to Change PSP Videos to MP4

Are you still looking for a toolkit to edit, enhance and edit your MP4 Videos?

Part #3: Other Video Converters to Change PSP Files to MP4 Files- PSP Video Converter

This simple converter supports all multimedia content with specific attention to
videos, DVD movies, and DV videos. The application operates on a simple console with all functions in one window.

Moreover, the famous YouTube channel is supported on the interface. The unique advantage of this application is that you can load files from web-based sites like YouTube and cloud storage toolkits.

Here is the procedure for this application of how to put videos on PSP:

  1. Download and launch PSP Video Converter.
  2. A drag and drop interface appears; use it to upload the video files on the console; alternatively, use the inbuilt browser to load the files.
  3. In case the video files are on the Hard Drive, use the Add video icon if it’s on the DVD drive, then select the

    Open DVD

    in the menu; if it’s from YouTube, click the


    or the multimedia site where the File is. If it’s from a DV recorder, click


    and Capture Video from DV.
  4. Next, click the


    and set the output file format to MP4.
  5. Click


    to begin the encoding process, simply converting from one file format to another.

Video Converters to Change PSP Files to MP4 Files- PSP Video Converter

Other services you can also find from this toolkit include ripping DVD files to remove the copyrights. Also, you can get the PSP files from the
versions. Sometimes, you need no third-party solution to convert the web-based videos from sites like YouTube to PSP. The toolkit makes it a direct function.

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You now know

how to put videos on PSP

with minimal effort. You only need to know the conditions and the process that will help you get the correct format and toolkits to help you watch your videos from different file versions to PSP. It’s evident that the conversion process is inevitable; the million-dollar question is, which is the best video converter you can use for these functions.

The web has several video converters. However, choosing the right digital solution depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the operation. FoneDog Video Converter takes the lead among all the reliable video converters. Its unlimited functionality and ability to work with any file formats is a plus for this toolkit

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