How to Sign out of Messenger [2023 Updated]

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It has been a while since Facebook decided to set Messenger as its own standalone application. With the Messenger app, you can send and receive messages but many users are not happy. Once you have installed the application and logged in, there is no way to log out.

The Facebook Messenger might be the solution for many to stay in touch with friends and family on Facebook, but some do not want it active all the time. Some want to log out of the application when it is not being used to protect their privacy. Sadly, there is no logout feature or an option on its interface just like in Facebook. Generally, Facebook Messenger does not have a logout button just like the Facebook app. This is considered as a drawback for many users. Nevertheless, there are methods on

how to sign out of Messenger

when you are not actively using it.

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Part 1. A Close Look on Facebook Messenger
Part 2. Methods on How to Sign out of Messenger
Part 3. Conclusion

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Part 1. A Close Look on Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is an instant messaging tool that boasts a variety of functions aside from sending text messages. Remember that you do not necessarily have to be on the website of Facebook or even a Facebook account to use the Messenger app. Although the two are partly connected if you have a Facebook account, you are not obliged to have one just to use the Messenger app.
What Is Facebook Messenger

The Messenger can be used together with Facebook on your computer or accessed via the mobile Messenger app on iOS or Android devices. Since the messenger app works on iPhones, it is also supported on the Apple Watch.

You can make changes on the “


” section of the Facebook Messenger app by simply tapping on your profile picture at the top part of the application screen. Once you are on this screen, you have the option to adjust the notification settings, switch between different Facebook accounts, change your “


” status, edit your preferences for Facebook Payments, enter a phone number, sync your contacts, invite others to Messenger and many more. The only option that you will not find is the “

Log Out

” option. This can be a big drawback for those who want to find a way on

how to sign out of Messenger


Part 2. Methods on How to Sign out of Messenger

If you want to find ways on

how to sign out of Messenger

, look no further. Generally, there are ways to sign out of the application from an iOS or Android device directly or from the Facebook website.

1. Android Devices

For Android users, there are two ways on

how to sign out of Messenger

– clearing up the app data of Messenger in the Settings or logging out the session from your Facebook app.

Tip #1. Clearing the app data in Settings

  • Once you log out of your Facebook Messenger, simply proceed to the Settings section of your Android phone.
  • Close the application if it is currently open and remove it from your recent apps list or else this method will fail to work.
  • Once you are in the “


    ” section, go down to the Apps or Application Manager and look for the “


  • After finding “


    ”, tap on it and go down until you find “


  • Once you open “


    ”, choose the “

    Clear data

    ” option.

At this point, tap on the Facebook Messenger app in the app drawer. Once you correctly followed the steps above, you will not log in automatically.

In case someone wants to utilize your phone to check their messages on Facebook while you are still logged in, simply tap on the “

Switch Account

” option to sign into their own account.

Tip #2. Logging out from the Facebook app

For those who have the Messenger app on their device, there is a good chance that the Facebook app is also present.

Simply open the Facebook app and tap on the “


” button that you will find on the upper right. You can distinguish this as the three lines on the interface. Proceed to the Settings and Privacy, followed by Settings.

At this point, you will see the Account settings and Security. Go to Security and choose “

Security and login

” You will find a section labeled as “

Where you are logged in

” and only select the Messenger session and then tap on “

Log Out

How To Sign Up Of Messenger

2. iOS Devices

For iOS users, the initial step is to open the Facebook app. Tap on the “


” button that you will find in the right lower section of the interface. Go to the “


” tab and click on “

Account Settings

” and proceed to “



Once you are in the “


” menu, proceed to “

Where you are logged in

” After opening this, you have the option to manage all your active sessions on your Facebook account on any device, browser or app.

Simply close the session labeled as “

Facebook Messenger on iOS 10

” or any version of iOS your device is running on. Once you open the Messenger, you are already logged out and encouraged to log back in using the same account or you can decide to switch accounts.

3. Can I Log out of Messenger Using a Facebook Website?

Another method on

how to sign out of Messenger

from your Android or iOS Facebook Messenger app is from the Facebook website, usually from a computer or browser on your mobile phone.

Simply proceed to the website –
. Go to the “


” from the drop-down menu on the upper right side. Proceed to “

Security and Login

” and search for the section “

Where You are Logged in

”. You must find the Messenger session that you want to log out of. Tap on the three dots on the right side of the interface and tap on “

Log Out


Part 3. Conclusion

Generally, these methods on

how to sign out of Messenger

can be annoying for most users, but they are proven to work if you want to log out of the app. It is important to note that Facebook is not initiating any action to deal with this issue and make it easier for its users. For those who find these processes bothersome, there are other alternatives to try out.

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